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We all need a hobby to enjoy each and every day of our lives. Whether it be reading, dancing, or writing blogs we need to find something that we love and take pleasure in. I know for a fact that my favorite hobby is dancing. I specifically love to dance ballet. I have been dancing ballet since I was 6 years old and I never get tired of it. Ballet allows me to express my emotions through dance. It also helps me to relieve myself from stress. When I am dancing, I forget about everything. I only concentrate on dancing. I always try to dance my heart out because I know that dancing allows me to communicate something to the audience.

Not only has ballet allowed me to express my emotions, but it has also taught me so many things about patience, endurance, and time-management. You might not think of ballet as teaching you any of these things but it does. I have learned a lot about patience because there have been many times when I have not been able to execute a certain step but through patience and practice I was able to perfect my performance. I have also learned about endurance because there have been many times in which I wanted to give up because I could not execute a certain step. I have cried and I have been mad at myself for failing try after try but through endurance I have been able to overcome this anxiety. Ballet has also taught me how to better manage my time. I have had to learn how to manage my schedule in order to accomplish all my tasks for the day. During recital season, I have to be in the studio for more than 4 hours a day and in order to finish my homework I try to work on it during my short breaks or free time during the day. Because of ballet, I have been successful in school because I really know how to organize myself in order to accomplish all my tasks; I know how to prioritze.

Regardless of learning about patience, endurance, and time management, ballet is a fun activity that I enjoy. I try to go to classes as often as possible because I love to dance my heart out. As Isadora Duncan, who was a famous dancer, once said, "The dancer's body is simply the manifestation of the soul." Just as ballet is my favorite hobby, you should have one as well.

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