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I visited home recently, New York City, the Big Apple and with my Latinitas' filter noticed a few changes in who was making all that "NY" food I love - bagels, pizza, Chinese. My first stop home was H&H Bagels on the Upper East Side of New York City, celebrated in television shows like "Seinfeld" for having the kind of delicious bagels, fresh and hot out of the boiler that you needn't corrupt them with cream cheese or butter - they are a heavenly experience in themselves.  In the past Israeli, and other Middle Eastern immigrants would be behind the counter and in the kitchen cooking like old Jewish bubbes (grandmas) of the 1800s.   Today, my bagel - prepared and just as delicious as I remember - was cooked by Salvadoreños and Southern Mexicans.  No Yiddish spoken at this iconic center of Judaic cuisine...more rolling "r"s than the throaty Hebrew I have heard there before.  Then, it was onto some NY pizza. For you Tejanos and Californians- this is my taco and no one can really make it like they do in NY. I've been everywhere in the U.S. and I can sufficiently say, no one makes pizza right except New York, sorry.  There, Sureños, maybe Oaxacans, in Don Filippos Famous on 77th and 3rd, make some of the best Italian pizza I'll have in my life. They haven't missed a beat, as the pizza is as authentic as I remember when Don Filippo was cooking it himself. He was there diviying up the Superbowl orders, shouting, in Spanish, directions to the delivery guys.  We ate Chinese food - like no other place than, I guess China at S. Dynasty on 28th and Lex - where my Taiwanese friend and her family meets when they are in town from Asia.  Now I didn't get to peek in the kitchen there, but as with the 1,000s of other restaurants in NY, I can guarantee there was bloodlines from Ecuador, Mexico and Salvador for sure working behind the scenes.  And, my last culinary adventure was at the Corner Bistro, essentially the best burger in New York City in the historic West Village, in a bar so old literary greats like Walt Whitman and Dylan Thomas paraded those neighborhoods in the 1800s.  This Irish pub is, of course, thriving because of a crew of Dominicans.  So, my trip to New York was a delicious trip down memory lane, exploring the cultures so rich there - Jewish, Italian, Chinese and Irish, presented perfectly by Latinos!

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