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      My first name is Jocelyn and I go to Walnut Creek Elementary and what I'm going to talk about is going to be i am a Chica Poderosa because....... if u see girls are power full boys think that they are cool and smart and  strong not only the boys could do stuff if u see more often girls are on the soccer team lacrosse team bally ball and more stuff and more other teams so what else should i talk about and girls are strong to there is small girls tall girls and more and there pretty smart ,strong,have the power to be a Latina and I'm happy that they have the abilities to do stuff I'm going to give some advice so my first one is believe in yourself because if u do believe on yourself every thing is going to be great my second 2; be happy every one is going to see u happy and there going to be happy to like u are happy just be happy be confident believe on u and every one is going to be happy like u are happy i always I'm happy  because i want to be a good advice for my sister friends teacher and many other things and if u do good every thing is going to be good like my boys and girls club staff teacher he gave me some advice keep writing and u cold make your stories and I'm following his advice why because if u follow some a teacher a grown up advice they have lived more than u and know more stuff so that's why follow your dreams and every thing is going to be fine so my second so my thing that I'm going to write about is going to be who runs this so some one that gives me inspiration is my mom and some other people but I'm going to talk about my mom so my mom inspires me because she is soo nice and she is always giving me advice why because stuff always happens in school like bullying and i don't really like that because people think that there not good but there pretty but they have to be a little confident and every thing is going to be good and so lets continue what I'mm saying so lets start so she tells me to be nice if i want to be treated the same way so that makes me more confident and happy but if people bother u don't listen to them just ignore them i always do that so i cant listen to the stuff other people say and do just do your carrier and yea and other thing that I'm going to do or say is about why are u proud to be a Latina I'm proud to be a Latina because there confident and they mind there stuff and what else i like them that they care about the people they don't judge other people.

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