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Glee was the new big thing when it came out. It was such a big deal. There were people who loved it and those who hated it. I know that I was one of those who really really liked the show. It was probably because I had been in choir since I was in seventh grade. So right after I saw Glee I remember I felt so so excited and happy to be in choir. And I hoped so much that we would do something like they did in the show. I thought that the way they changed the songs, the rhythm, tempo, and how they would sometimes change it into completely different songs was so awesome.

But then in the choir in my school, all we ever did was classical music. We would just sing church music in weird languages and we wouldn't even know what we were singing. And everyone who heard us would think that it was boring. I mean the parents were supporting and all, but people our age would tell us the truth. I mean nobody was mean about it but we all knew that we only sung the "boring" music.

But then one year, we went on a choir trip to New York. And it was an amazing trip! We were going to perform with three other high schools around the country in the Randal Stroope Music Festival. It was all "church" music composed by Randal Stroope and we had been practicing it over and over again. And when we got to New York and we met him I was so surprised. He seemed like a really smart and interesting man, and he wasn't even old. And what was so impressive about him was his passion for music and how he showed off emotions and feelings through music. He also told us a bit about his life, and how he got the inspiration.

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Comment by Cynthia Amaya on July 27, 2012 at 11:01am

That sounds really cool! I'm glad you got to have that trip to see that even if people don't think what you're singing is "cool," someone is extremely passionate and proud that that music is being sung! :)

Comment by Maria Teresa Rodriguez on July 27, 2012 at 10:33am

Thats cool! I was in orchestra but I never really liked classical music. At the time I was into punk rock music, so orchestra totally did not fit! But I learned more and more about music in general, and I learned to appricate it. Now, I listen to music I never thought I would listen to, like classical, country, and even swing music. Once you meet someone with the passion of the subject, it changes everything.




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