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Once my friend came to school with hair that looked like it had been cut with a weedwhacker. She came up to me, with that modern-art-looking hairdo, and asked what I thought about her hair. I smiled and said it looked great! Then she came up to another friend, a girl I'll call Allie, and asked the same question. Allie looked at the hair in obvious horror. "Fix it. It looks terrifying."

      Allie's answer (though a bit rude) made me think. We say a million small lies every day (exaggeration, but you get the idea) so that we don't hurt others' feelings, or don't get in trouble, or for other reasons. I've heard the saying "saying a white lie is better than saying a painful truth." But is that really true? Obviously there are certain circumstances where lying is clearly necessary (extreme example: lying to save a life). But in every day context, isn't honesty better? I know I feel better when I know someone will always be honest with me. Allie is one of my best friends, and I feel more relaxed with her than I do with most people because I know that if she compliments or insults me it's all out of honesty. She says what she thinks, which can hurt, but I think it does more good than harm. The truth isn't always pretty.

       There's a book (teen fiction) called "Promise Me Something" by Sarah Kocek, and it's about a girl who is all about honesty. She is what you would call "honest to a fault". But I don't think being too honest is a bad thing, really. As the saying goes, "the truth will set you free".

       Back to the hairdo story. The friend got her hair cut again, this time with a better outcome. Think about what would've happened if Allie hadn't said anything. I tend to worry about what others think a lot, constantly wondering what people think, and I feel better knowing that what someone says is what they think. "The truth will set you free"!

What do you think? Is honesty important to you?

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Comment by Vanessa Aguirre on February 28, 2014 at 6:09pm

How do I directly reply to others? (I'm technologically challenged haha). Anyway, I completely agree with Miss Jasmine :3 I should've made that clearer and expanded on that. There IS a difference between honesty and rudeness. Thank you, Jasmine, for your insight!




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