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Tomorrow we celebrate perhaps one of the most important days of the year. For most of us our moms are not only the most important and influential people in our lives but also our best friends and confidants.

This week, our Latinitas took the time to create beautiful poems expressing all the love they feel for their moms. They also made their own mother's day card where they had the chance to thank all they do for us.

My mom is

Outstanding and



My mom loves me a lot.

And I love my mom a lot.

Oh, and I love my family too a lot.


My mom is wonderful. She loves me. My mom would care for us and she would love me and my brothers. My mom is always the best and she would have money all the time and she would sometimes take us something that would make me and my brother proud. My own mom would take us anywhere we want and she would always cook for us all the time.


My mom is so pretty

Other heart is awesome

My mom is so awesome


The word mom is the definition

of beauty, it's

the person that

keeps your

heart alive

she is

the one

that brough

you to the



I love my mom.

The name in my mom is

Liliana A.

I love my mom beacuse

She is funny

My mom is so pretty.


Stays with me when I'm sick.

Every day she cooks for us,

Learn from her, sometimes on homework.

Every day is an adventure with her.

Never gives up on me.

Excellent mother, loves us.

R.eally special to me!


Mom is a special word.

Only one


Super unique



Y love her


The One Who Never Sleeps

Whenever you get sick,

There's someone very special,

Who never gets to rest but doesn't really care.

Whenever you feel sad,

There's someone who cheers you up,

But never gives up, even though you turn into a little rebel.

Whenever you're alone,

There's someone there in company,

Never leaves you alone and she is called MOM.




Really love you

I can feel you here

Always thinking of you

Mother left her children

Never came back

But I will

Always love you



I Love My Mother

I love my mother because she is always there for me.

I love my mother because she gave birth to me.

I love my mother because she loves me.

I love my mother because she is my mother.

I love my mother because she is the best


We love our mothers anywhere!!


I like it when it's mother's day cause my dad and brothers and sister do a party. So we go to the park and we play and when we are tired we get in the car and we sleep. So my mom takes us home and we are happy and everyone has a present so we can give it to my mom. I want to give to my mom a dollar and my sister wants to give her a heart and my brother wants to give to my mom a necklace and my dad wants to give my mom a necklace and earrings.


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