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Helping a White Winged Dove- Some advice

I had woken up really late that day since I found it extremely difficult to sleep during the night: Air conditioner on making so much noise and my sister hogging the blanket, it was a restless cold night, I had resorted to getting two shirts and using them as blankets since I was in shorts and a tank top, not until in the wee morning hours that my sister finally noticed that I was indeed cold. Once I woke up I went into the kitchen and no one was there, but at that moment my dad came in with hand closed and handed me a baby Dove. We've had him/her for two days now, resting and eating more than ever. It did get injured with an encounter of a territorial male Dove and has an injured wing because of the confrontation, so it cant fly as well as it used to. (Not that it would fly far, probably about a foot or so)

What to do if you find one, or any other species of bird:

If it is near a tree, LEAVE IT ALONE. The "fledgling" probably tested its first flight and ended up failing instead of achieving its goal, it happens. We all might have the heart to help it, but its best to leave it and let their parents take care of them, you should be worried if their is/are feral cats or loose dogs or any kind of animal/rodent that might pray on it, then you can keep a close eye on it, but on a safe distance so the parents can see it and approach it without the fear of human presence. They know what to do.

If the baby is to young, has only "pine feathers" or "fluff", then best bet is to call your local Wildlife Sanctuary. Look it up, its not hard to find, just make sure that to put in a box with a blanket or something warm and call them right away. Do not try to feed the bird as they do not like it when we try to help them. This situation happened when we called so they could come and pick up a couple of Red Tailed Hawk-lings various times.

Reason why I/we are taking care of this little bird is because we have experience with these birds and a few others. Right now "Birdy" was fed and now is resting once again, soon he will ask for more food, ah the joy.

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Comment by Irena Fierro on July 30, 2012 at 1:24pm

Thank you, and your welcome! :)

Comment by Cynthia Amaya on July 30, 2012 at 10:36am

Aw! This is great advice in case I ever find a bird. I hope Birdy has a full recovery! You're awesome for taking care of him/her. :)




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