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Hispanic Heritage Month 2016: Prompt 2: Growing up Latina

  I've always felt a little out of tune with my ethnic cultural background. For the most part, I was raised purely American, but there were little hints of Mexican culture. Just not to the extent of many of my classmates.

  What I mean is, I always go to school and wonder what people are saying. I probably know more French or Chinese than I do Spanish (I'm not fluent in those languages either though.). Yet, there are some Spanish words I've picked up on through the years. For example, "platano" means "banana."

  I remember going to school and hearing people talk about their "commadres" and "compadres." I still don't totally understand what that is. People would talk about their love for "impanadas" and I would have no idea what that was. Although my family cooked enchiladas, tacos, and tamales, all traditionally Mexican food, I hated, and still refrain from eating such things. I can't stand chili or oil! 

  The worst thing was probably the "fiesta." I can't stand large social gatherings. Loud music, especially mariachi music, just gives me a headache. There was no way anybody could get me to dance. 

  As you can see, I had a kind of negative outlook on my culture, but I think it was because I didn't understand it, and yet it was so common. I was always drawn to Native American and East Asian culture because it seemed mysterious and interesting to me. Mexican culture was mysterious in that I didn't have an understanding for it, but so common in my area that I felt like I did. Pure ignorance.

  Now, I seek to understand Latin culture. I want to embrace the parts I like about it, cause hey, every culture has it's peaks and downfalls. Lately, for example, I found that Hispanics were the first cowboys! For a cowgirl at heart, that awesome!

  And there is some Mexican foods that are some of my favorites. Beans, corn, squash, rice, quesadillas, sweet rice, sopa- I like all those. As for music, some of Selena Quinantilla's songs sound good to me (though I admit, not all, and mostly English.). I could never say that I dislike my culture, as many parts of it do play a nice role in my life.

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