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Sometimes I don't want to keep on going, the many obstacles that I (we) counter in our daily lives, leaves me wandering if I should keep on going...

I was born in a family of 4 men, my dad, and mom. My mom never had a strong voice over my father, but she did had a power connection to each of my brother and myself. I love my oldest brothers, like I love my fushia shirt. Why? because I was not raised with them, and when I met them, they only thing they did was criticized me. I know they love me, but in a way I cannot understand. Among the three of them there is one, Tomas, he showed pure love to me.

Although Tomas was around only a few times when I was little, he loved me as if he was there with me everyday. Now that I am older, and that I understand many things in my family, I understand and appreciate the love and respect Tomas feels for me. He is my driving force when I want to quit, because even though he lives in Mexico, he makes sure that I feel heard, respected, loved, and appreciated. 

Thanks to Tomas and his inspirational actions and words, I WILL NOT QUIT MY DREAMS!

P.S: did I mentioned he is a priest, and a director of a migrant house in the border of Mexico and Guatemala? Yeah, he is my role model and hero. 


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Comment by Veronica Porras on October 1, 2012 at 9:53pm

Tomas sounds like a great person! I'm glad you have such strong support and role model. I think that everyone needs one or friends to get through it all. Life is hard but they make it way better and that's what matters. Tell us more about the migrant house if you can! I'm very curious about it!




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