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If you were the President of The United States, what would your immigrant policy look like?

Hi Latinas! Today's blog is based on a simple yet difficult question: If you were the president of The United States, what would your immigrant policy look like?
I interviewed a couple of Latinas over this issue girls, let's read their responses!

"First of all, if I were the president of the United States I would take away that horrendous brown wall on the border once for all, it is not even finished and I simply don't like it, I think it's gross. Also, I understand there are a lot of problems with immigration in the sense that you do have criminals coming over, but at the same time many people really want to come over for their families, to help them and I feel not that America should be more linear but we should definitely have more opportunities for these kinds of situations; I would see each case individually and see why those families want to come over, not just here on the Mexican border but also on the Canadian border. I would try to have equality for all, for both borders. As a president I would try to have more equality and understanding of every different story and every different situation, on both sides.", said Gloria Sarai Contreras, a Latina who is the third generation from her family in coming to the US. Her grandma was the co-founder of La Fe Clinics and his father was a active social member of the Chicano Movement in trying to preserve El Segundo Barrio in the 70's.

"I would do facilities towards getting your student visa ready because I think it is a difficult and expensive process. Also, I think I would do the same thing with the process of residency; although I haven't ever tried that process, people tells me it is very difficult and I would try to fix that. I would do training sessions for the people working at the bridges because some people say to you one thing and then others are correcting you and it seems to me there is not a universal knowledge between co-workers; if they are going to be the ones giving you information, they should be prepared. I would try to give residency to all the kids who were born here from undocumented parents or brought by them, because so many times these cases are from children who didn't know what was going on, it was not their choice it was from their parents; it is unfair the way people look at these kids as immigrants when they have lived all their live in US country. One last thing, I have heard there are jobs paying less than the minimum salary to people who are immigrants, I would try to fix that; fair salary to all.", said Andrea Tovar, first Latina in her family to study in the United States, she is currently studying a BA in Mechanical Engineering at UTEP and she has had a lot of trouble with immigration towards her sisters, who are following her example at studying at high school here, in El Paso.

"I would do more like surveys for the people who want to come over; ask them about their reasons why they want to come over, their situation on their country of origin, level of education, their economic status they had there and the economic status they are looking for at the US, what is it hat you want to work, or if you prefer to keep studying, if you want your children to study here, or if you come here just to hang out, etc. I would see all those kinds of issues and I would try to focus my attention more on families than on individuals; I think it is easier to bring a family over here because of the amount of people who are also coming with you an just being on yourself. Basing myself on this info, I would accept or reject; I still don't know if this is going to stop people from coming illegally, but it is an idea.", said Ariadne Venegas, a Latina who was born in ElmPaso but spent her whole life at Ciudad Juarez because the rest of her family are Juarenses. 

There you have three different policies from three Latinas who all had different experiences! Well girls, I hope you all are thinking about this question like our interviewed Latinas here, maybe one day you'll answer it in front of the whole population of the United States!

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