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UPDATE: Official deadline is Feb. 17 but it will end when we get all 16
competitors and it could be before that date. As of today, we already have 11
competitors and only have 5 slots open.


National search for 16 minority high school SENIORS to participate in our
national scholarship prep competition web program

LatinoGraduate. net Global Broadcasting

We are seeking 15 Latina/o and minority high school seniors, throughout the
nation, to participate in an upcoming live LatinoGraduate. net Global Broadcast
web production series. Participation is either in-studio in Los Angeles or via
web cam.

Taking the basic program format of "American Idol" and adapting it to develop
two main program series that will mentor minority high school students,
throughout the nation as participants and viewers, to prepare and increase
their opportunity to succeed in their upcoming competition to win scholarships
(essay writing and oral presentations) .

I. The Scholarship Application ESSAY Competition Program (4 females/4 males)

II. The Scholarship Application ORAL Presentation Competition Program (3
females*/4 males)

* one student already registered as of 2.4.11

Information for high school students interested in participating in the
competition need to provide the information requested at the bottom of this

Each 3-show series is designed to provide on-line tutorial programs for
minority high school juniors and seniors to prepare the scholarship application
personal statement essays.

Sponsorship has been provided for 16 students to participate.

I. First competition:
The Scholarship Application ESSAY Competition Program

Three consecutive live weekly one-hour programs
via www.livestream. com/lsacnational
Eight high schools seniors will compete (4 females/4 males)
Show dates: February 24, March 3 and 10th
Thursdays, 7-8 pm (PT)

II. Second competition
The Scholarship Application ORAL Presentation Competition Program (3 females/4

Three consecutive live weekly one-hour programs
via www.livestream. com/lsacnational
Eight high schools seniors will compete (4 females/4 males)
Show dates: March 17, 24 and 31
Thursdays, 7-8 pm (PT)

Elisa Benito
Sponsor: DREAM ACT Fellowship
Durham, NC. U.S.A.

Details regarding first competition:

Eight high school students would compete over 3 consecutive weeks. Each live
one-hour show brings together the 8 students plus 4-6 judges/mentors.

Student scholarship application personal statement essays are presented,
critiqued and ranked during each program. Students will have an opportunity to
rewrite and edit the essays to present it in the following program to the
judged again.

Students are NOT eliminated from competing on all three programs. Each essay
is given an evaluation and students are encouraged to re-write and present
them in the next show.Each competitor is encouraged to form their own mentoring
team (peers and teachers) to assist them with preparing and editing their
essays before they present them.

Viewers will be students throughout the nation that are invited to watch each
live program, via Internet, and to also participate in the evaluation of the
essays. They can post their personal comments on the blog area of the show
broadcast area (www.livestream. com/lsacnational ). Viewers will have the
opportunity to learn about preparing their own personal statement essays and
oral presentations.


Scholarship Application ESSAY Competition Program

* 3 consecutive weeks, one-hour each program
* Competitors will be 8 high schools students (4 males & 4 females)
* All student competitors will work on the same essay questions provided.
* Audience members throughout the nation are invited to also participate in
the discuss of evaluating the essays during the program.
* Participate participate live within blogging segment.

The judges

Judges: 4-6 persons with experience in reading and judging scholarship

* Judges will participate via in-studio or web cam
* Judges will grade each person's essays and their oral presentations scale
(1-10) and will only provide a cumulative score for each presentation.
* Judges will provide feedback and recommendations on improving the essays and
oral presentations.

Selecting winners:

Winner are determined by cumulative points at the end of the 3rd program.


Information for high school SENIORS interested in participating in the
competition need to provide the following information and email it to

1. Complete name of student
2. Complete name of high schoolattending
3. City or town where high school is located
4. Date of birth: Month, day and year*
5. Are you 18 years of age or older*?
6. Student's email address:
7. Student's phone number:
8: Please provide a short essay (one paragraph) to the following question: Are
you comfortable being on a national live web program and having your essays or
oral presentations discussed and critiqued by the judges during the programs?

Email responses for questions 1-8 above to LSACNational@

*Parents or legal guardian need to provide formal permission for high school
SENIOR to participate as a competitor if they are minors (we will provide
release form)

For questions contact person:

Armando Sanchez
Exec. Dir. & Producer
LatinoGraduate. net Global Broadcasting
Latino Scholastic Achievement Corporation, a 501.c.3 organization

Upcoming in 2011 Latino Scholastic Achievement Corporation' s "National
Universal Latino Scholarship e-Application"

New series beginning February 2011:"LIVE Thursday Night College Bound Show"
Understanding financial aid and strategies for winning scholarships

* Live and free on-demandbroadcast programs at www.livestream. com/LSACNational

LatinoGraduate. net Global Broadcasting studio atPan American Bank, Los Angeles,

LatinoGraduate. net is the web site of the Latino Scholastic Achievement
Corporation, a 501.c.3 national non-profit organization.

White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

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