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Living in a Virtual World: Farmville Edition

With this whole talk about how now we live virtually blah blah bleh bleh I thought that I should talk to you more about Farmville. So it's pretty cool because now I have all these neighboors and they are from Latinitas! :) This is what we talk about in the office and it's really nice because we help each other out :) Like Roxy and I are planning a wedding (on Farmville) and we have to decorate it with red tulips so we have to seed and harvest in 3 days. We work as a team to grow these :) It's awesome!

Also I am saving up my farmville coins to get a puppy because i spent it all in expansing my farm. Gloria and Claudia agree they are too expensive but once I am rolling in farmville coins I will get one. Farmville brings us together, it's pretty nice! Even when Denisse was here and would make fun of me, she knew the latest on Farmville news and would ask me how my farm was doing. I miss her :(

Miriam and Marisol have one as well but they act like they don't (they never check it- they're not farmers like me) but if you are curious and have a facebook get a farm AND ADD ME AS A NEIGHBOR! I know many enjoyed my last farm pic so I am posting more:

During the Holidays. It snowed at my farm :)

I forgot about my carrots and they all withered :(

My farmer girl :)

Sky view of my farm right now!

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Comment by Rosana Lopez on April 9, 2010 at 12:01pm
yes!!!!! it is really fun. Ive learned that farmville doesnt have to consume your life. It only does when i dont have much to do. I have learned how to however still work, do my homework and everything else while still maintaining a farm. I <3 my farm... and lets c how this co-op project works out with claudia, its sooo funny.




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