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Aging is happening ALL the time. It's happening now and now and even now! It's important to realize, however, that there's always those people that have aged and now are our grandparents.

Grandparents are beautiful people that have lived amazing lives at amazing times in history. Sure getting sloppy kisses from grandma can get a little annoying but you sure enjoy her tamales, don't you? Maybe you should think about asking her how she learned to make such deliciousness. I'm sure she has this amazing story about how her mom taught her and it's a recipe that's been in the family for years and years.

Or you can always ask grandpa how he proposed? That should be an awesome story worthy of a movie script! 

It's important to appreciate who they are as people and what they've done. They've built an amazing family tree that extends in all different directions and now includes little ol' you.

This Tuesday, I volunteered at a nursing home and it was really moving. My partner and I led a computer workshop for about 10 elderly patients. Many seemed intimidated by the technology and we compared the laptops in front of them to something they might be more familiar with, a typewriter.

They cautiously tinkered away at the keyboard. It was wonderful seeing them type letters to a loved one on Word. We tried our best to give them personal time with the laptop so they wouldn't be embarrassed by their lack of knowledge. Most did not ask for help but were appreciative when we would casually ask them if they needed it.

While I appreciated their efforts, the more touching moments were reading the letters they wrote. Most of them chose to write to their grandkids and asked them about school, their pets, Christmas gifts and when they were going to visit them at the nursing home.

Please don't forget about los abuelos, especially during the upcoming holidays. They're important and they love you. So give them a call if they live in an other city or state, give them a hug if you have the opportunity and if they have already passed on, remember them for the beautifully-aged people that they were.



Maria de la Luz



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Comment by Sonia Rangel on November 21, 2011 at 1:27pm

That is so SWEET!  I would like to volunteer to do that sometime. :) 




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