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      I don't know what to write about today. Well, every day there is so much I would like to say that I end up not saying much at all. My life is crazy. One day I'm having the worst day of my life but, in the next, I get closer to my dreams. I feel the love again and it is a perfect thing.

      I guess I'll talk about love. Love is the most cliché thing you can talk about. At least, I've always thought so. It is hard for me to open up and say I love you. But then it isn't hard at all. It's mostly hard when I realize I might have loved another more than they have ever loved me. Yet, that might just be my brain talking.

      I think love is one of the most important emotions that anyone can feel. It goes along hope, peace, and other good emotions. I also think that love is something we should all be trying to fight for. Now, the thing about love is that you have to be careful. Do not close up completely but have respect and know what love actually looks like. There are rules that we all should follow to maybe create more love or not get hurt from those we love. That, however, would be a boring experience.

      I believe that every experience in my life has taught me something new about myself and the world. If you pay close attention, your surroundings can tell you much about others and about yourself. Therefore, the first most important lesson about love is that you have to love yourself. The only person that has been with you 24/7 since you were born has been yourself. That means you have all the tools necessary to be a happy and beautiful person. It means you know everything about yourself. You know your strengths and you know your weaknesses. You should love yourself unconditionally. You should love all.

       After yourself, comes family. This is where it gets hard for some of us. There are things that we cannot possibly begin to understand about our closest loved ones at all. And, since most of us are Latinas and live in a material world where things have gotten confusing and some our parents don't even speak the same language, it's difficult. I know that I love my mami, my grandma, and my three siblings the most in the whole wide world. It might be mean for others but I love them the most. Yet, sometimes I wish with all my heart that my mami would love herself more and that she would end a relationship that has hurt her and the other four people. Or maybe, that my grandma had not stayed with my grandpa because he used to beat her up and is still a mean grouch. There are plenty of other examples but family is good. A family that can back each other up through good and bad is great. Family comes with much love.

       I have learned that if you want to love someone, you also have to love them unconditionally. That means that you must accept the good and the bad that comes with one person. That there, is true love, which is why I should add the next note. Remember that your number one is yourself. All relationships you have should begin with you loving yourself and knowing when to respect yourself. What I'm trying to say is that there will be times when you love someone so much but loving them becomes a problem. Love is not selfish. Love does not mean trying to change yourself for others or having them change for you in any way. Love is magical. It just happens. We click with some that come into our world. We must be in relationships in which our love can be balanced. That means that others must also love you for all the good and bad. Others should not try to control you. They should instead help you reach a full potential. Relationships will never be perfect but some are definitely worth keeping. Therefore, this paragraph is about any meaningful relationship you have that involves trust. When I wrote this, I thought about my friends and maybe some of the relationships I've had with men.

         The next gets complicated. I believe that what the world needs most is love. Love is lacking in our society. I know that because everyone is scared of commitment, getting sued, feeling discriminated against, and more. Still, when I thought everything was lost, there was always a little bit of faith that I clung onto. I realized that we need to notice the small acts of kindness that happen around us too. We should not only notice obvious acts of kindness but the little ones because they are all around. There are people helping each other by opening the door or assisting to find a certain form at the bank. We should also strive to do small acts of kindness ourselves. Our time is so different that no one says hello anymore when we walk down the street. We avoid making eye contact instead. So, I realized I should jump on the band wagon and do some acts of kindness too. Sometimes you won't be able to help others because you have your own things going on but try your best at it. Take a break! Or, ask others to help! But definitely believe in love. Believe in the power it brings and that it is worth fighting for.

         You don't have to be outgoing to create love. Sometimes all you need is to do something along the lines of prayer, wishing, or sending good vibes. You could love mother nature or a furry dog because love is within you and everyone.

         I get sappy when I talk about love. That's why avoid talking about it openly. I have to fully trust who I am around in order to bust out with my passionate rants about love. I'm getting better at it again though. I remember that I walked around my first year of graduate school handing lollipops randomly to strangers just to make their day. I did not want to feel left out on the Valentine's ordeal because I have never had a significant other. Therefore, I celebrate all types of love because it is only right. It is not about the chocolate, flowers, red balloons but about the best emotion that exists. And, it should not be just for those in significant other relationships. There is love all around us. It is like one of my good friend's favorite movie that says; "love actually is everywhere." I believe it.

         Even if, it is hard to love sometimes. I continue to love those who have hurt me and wish them well. I know that I'll never be able to tell them or shouldn't. With some, I will love whatever they brought into my life from far away because I cannot begin to forget everything they did to me. With others, maybe I'll be able to say it again someday. I have wished it and yelled it in an open field. What will you do with your love?



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