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"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."- Winnie the Pooh.

Sunsets in El Paso and I have said farewell, at least for the next four months or so until we re-unite. I take my "independent chick" role to heart without noticing until the people who are present at precious moments remind me that I'm never alone. "My friends and family love me," is always something that engraves in my brain as I begin the nine hour drive on I-10 Highway. Then I automatically quote Kanye West, "every interview I'm representing you, making your proud. Reach for the stars so if you fall, you land on a cloud!" It sounds kinda funny, but it's so true.

From my family, to my friends, everyone knows that I don't cook and my meals depend solely on sandwiches and pizza. My sister covered my butt an bought me a gift card to Subway that should keep my belly happy for the rest of the semester

On the night before I left I was packing my life away into my tiny two-door car with the help of my old roommate, who has also been my friend since fourth-grade. She gave me the bag pictured on top with all those presents inside, each object has a significance and purpose (as you can see, she even kept my dog in mind.) I didn't open it until I arrived to my new apartment and couldn't help but shed a few tears and giggles, I felt blessed to have her even if it's 500+ miles away.

Soon enough, six a.m. arrived the next morning and the engine of my car began warming up to start the long drive. My friend Cheeseburger, who has never failed to be there 'till the last minute, arrived on my driveway to wish me good luck and hand me a freshly-cut rose from his garden that kept me company on the road. Cheeseburger was the last friend I saw before I left El Paso and this has always been the same throughout my entire college career. No matter what time it is, Cheeseburger will be there.

How could I forget the many "echale ganas" I received from my co-workers and family friends? "Echale ganas" has become a quite significant saying for me ever since I took the decision of studying away from home mainly because it comes from adults that are full of wisdom they've obtained throughout their years and I've grown fond of them because they are more rich with Mexican culture than I'll ever be. I've heard "echale ganas" so often that there must be something true about it.

To truly close the chapter of summer 2012, the most difficult and scary goodbye arrived at the airport of San Antonio a couple of days after: saying bye to my beloved mommy. While waiting for her plane to arrive she asked me if I was sad to be away from home again. I responded I was a little sad but it made me happy to know I am never quite alone because all of these individuals volunteer to be in my life without me asking them to and they create home an even more special place to keep going back to. This college experience is temporary and won't last forever but I must squeeze the most I can from the adventures scripted in my early twenty years of life and these people in my life only fortify me. 

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