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Today my political science professor was discussing how the school funding works and the education of students in Texas and in the U.S. What interested me is that he said that the GT, Pre-AP, and such programs are reached out to a limited amount of students and leaving others out. That the state is categorizing students as the ones that are gifted and those who are normal students leaving the normal ones out. Some teachers according to his interviews with students expect so little from them and declare that the class is so boring and hopeless that students do not even take their books to class. My professor stated that in reality the "normal rebellious kids" are the ones that end being the smart ones and better in college and that the smart ones or the ones that are involve in such rigorous classes are just suck ups to the teachers for a good grade.
This made me think a lot. I believe that during highscool or any grade level it is true that student are seperated within this gt pre-ap programs but one can easily choose not to be in it. For me i was a GT student took pre-ap courses and AP courses during my school years. And i do agree that some teachers may expect little from students and therefore students don't try but i think the student has to do with this too. It is up to us to push our selves and when in high school some teens worry so much about there social status within the school and avoid taking any rigorous course. I believe that if students want more from the teachers they will do something about it and change classes or take those classes that will help them in the future. I did this, i asked about teachers and those that were good at teaching and will help you pass and understand and some of the teachers i found capable of doing this was within pre-ap and ap classes. And to be honest there are some teens that all they want is an easy class and easy hundred but what is the point of getting a hundred if you did not learn anything from it.
So basically what im saying is that being Gt ap or pre-ap is not as bad as my teacher makes it out to be because in reality these students want something more and go for it despite what others think of them.
Also he mentioned that students going to college after high school are overwhelmed when they actually have to write papers and do large amounts of work. This is because they were not prepared during high school or early years. He blames this completely on teachers when it is also the students responsibilty to raise his or her standards and get a better education by means of speaking up and finding the right help from the right teacher and push themselves. But no, during my school days getting a's was a wrong sign and placed you as a nerd or some type of social suicide lol. Yet, im grateful that i have taken all those classes because right now college is a piece a cake and more fun because i was prepared and found the time to balance everything out and i see others from my school days who only cared about there social status and being cool and what not struggling and some not even attempting to go to college because its too hard or they were just not pushed enough to actually see themselves become somebody.
I really think that one should not care about social stuff because this is your future and fun is acceptable but also hard work. Soon everything will pay off. Plus i also think that some teens or adults should not be so afraid to go to universities and pursue a bachelors or higher. I have heard from other friends and people that they dont go to UTEP because it is super hard when they have never even tried it they only say it because of what they have heard when in reality it is like any other college. Some of course do not have the money and start off at community colleges which i understand. Okay so just dont be afraid girls and do what ever it takes to stand out and be what ever you want to be in life no matter what others say.

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Comment by cloud.eah on February 5, 2010 at 9:34am
did he talk about the TAKS? It seems to me that those standarized test are the ones that are keeping children behind. I also took AP classes and college was easier for me but I still had a hard time getting used to time management.




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