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Never Doubting a Latina woman (Lupe Ontiveros)

Hello Chickas! This blog I am presenting to you today is about an actress who not only could play a powerful performance but also make a difference in this world as a Latina woman. In This blog I am hoping will show and inspire you to see just how far a strong Latina woman can go if they just put there mind to it. Lupe Ontiveros her name was. Many might remember her the most in the movie "Selena", "Real woman have curves”, “Born in east la" and "Desperate housewives". All my top favorite if I do say so myself. 

Lupe was born Guadalupe Moreno in El Paso, Texas on September 17, 1942, to Mexican immigrant parents. As a woman Lupe was like any other struggling Latina that worked hard through everything she came across and made sure to put her heart and soul into it. As a young girl she worked in her mother's small factory for a few months, with women not unlike those working in the sweatshop in the movie "real woman have curves". She also made sure she got herself a good education by studying psychology and social work at Texas Women's University in Texas. She remained a social worker until she started acting in the 1970s. In 1985 She founded the Latino Theater Company in Los Angeles, California. And In 2002 Lupe received a Lifetime Achievement Impact Award from the National Hispanic Media Coalition. The NHMC Impact Awards recognize outstanding contributions to the positive portrayal of Latinos in media. 

This is to show that every Latina woman is going to come across struggles in there lifetime. People are going to try to break us and say we are nothing. They will judge us, disrespect us, define us, and more. But it is up to us to stand up to them and show them that all Latina women can go as far as this amazing inspirational woman did in her life. She over came so much and was not only successful in acting but outside this job as well. She played so many different roles but what she seemed most happy to play with such passion was a "Maid". Lupe once said, "I've made chicken salad out of chicken manure. I'm proud to represent those hands that labor in this country, I've given every maid I've portrayed soul and heart."

Sadly on July 26th, 2012 Lupe passed away. In 2004 in high school I had the pleasure of meeting Lupe and I must say I had never met a stronger passionate woman. She was determined to make a statement to the world that no matter were you are from that anyone can make your dreams come true if you just believe! R.i.p to her she will be missed. 

The smallest parts often tend to make the biggest difference and miracles in someone’s life. To all young girls and woman out there, never be ashamed of who you are or were you came from. Some people that have come from the smallest places have made some of the biggest differences in this world today. Anyone can make a difference dream big! Dream long! Fight on! Si se puede! <3

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Comment by lisa marie on September 6, 2012 at 1:20am

alicia* ditto! she really was super nice! and i loved her in real woman have curves! <3

Jasmine* no problem :) i have a long time friend of hers on my fb n thats how i found out about her passing sadly n i thought heres a real woman to write about u know? and i promised esai morales that i would also write something for her... it was an honor :)

Comment by Alicia on September 4, 2012 at 11:13pm

I was such a big fan of hers.  She was in some of my favorites -Selena & Real Women Have Curves. She was such a strong character.




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