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Change is not always bad. I am actually experiencing a few changes myself. I use to have long beautiful hair that went past my shoulders. I have just recently got my hair cut to where it is a centimeter above my shoulders. I have also decided to cut my hair to where now I have bangs. The last time I had bangs I was seven years old. My brother asked me why did I cut it, and I simple replied “Because I wanted to and I felt like it was time for a change.”
I am in the process of trying to explore the different style of clothes just to see which one looks good in my opinion and which ones do not. I see this as a practice of great importance because it widens my views on things. It helps me to not judge little things just due to how they look from a distance, or just in one point of view. I feel like with this new look I can approach the world in a different and better way. That now I am ready to see what else is out there that can experience with an open mind. Some of you might know what I mean, and some might be thinking I am conceded, but honestly I am not trying to sound that way.
I always told people not to be scared to try new things and to let go and live life. I was never known to follow my own advice fully. You might say “Wow you cut your hair, big deal”. Well, to me it is because that was the one thing that always staid the same and that I was scared to change. But I did it and now I don’t understand why I was so scared to do it before. Its just hair it will grow back.

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Comment by Hilary on November 20, 2008 at 4:07pm
I applaud you for making such a drastic change! My hair is so long. I've considered cutting it as short as Victoria Beckham's, but then I always change my mind. My hair is my comfort; there's no way I'd ever cut it so short. However, after reading this, I just might be able to take that step. And you're right- it sounds like it's not a big deal. But when you've had long hair for years, it is. I think I might get it cut over Christmas break, that way I'll have a new cut just in time for the new year. "I feel like with this new look I can approach the world in a different and better way." I totally get you. Thanks for posting this; you've encouraged me to make a change for a better me!





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