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Bullying is defined as "the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something." Bullying most commonly takes place in school; however, it can also take place in other places such as at a playground and even on the internet. It seems as though bullying is occurring more often than it did in the past. There are statistics that show how the number of suicides and the number of school shootings among bullied kids are on the rise.

According to, some things that are considered bullying are name calling, teasing, threatening, and even posting harmful messages on the internet. People who bully normally want to take control of a situation and they want to be seen as powerful. They also bully because they want others to feel threatened by them so that they can be respected. Unfortunately, bullying has some severe effects on the person who is being bullied. A serious consequence is suicide. There are some kids who even go to the extreme of having school shootings to get back at the people who bullied them. One notable example of this is the shooting that took place at Columbine High School back in 1999.

According to "How to Stop Bullying," 30 percent of students in grades 6 through ten are involved in bullying and 1 in 4 kids is bullied. These statistics are staggering and something must be done to put an end to bullying. One easy way to stop bullying is to tell an adult. Other things one can do are to not show fear or anger, to walk away, or to try to surround oneself with others. These are just some things one can do to put an end to bullying. By following some of these suggestions, one can help create a more positive environment in school.

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Comment by Janette Lujan on November 5, 2010 at 10:08pm
I totally agree with you, it only causes people to have a lower self-esteem therefore causing them to, in worse cases, to commit suicide.




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