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Today was my first tabling experience with Latinitas.We were at UTEP trying to get girls for our NEW Latinitas College Counsil! Whoooo! We are trying to get it all set up for the future members coming in Fall 2010. I must say our table looked fabulous! lol We had pictures of the girls, flyers and tons of info on internships and other volunteer positions. I must admit I got sun burned a tad but it was worth the experience of being part of an organization on the UTEP campus. I felt like a real college student lol. Miriam, Claudia and I were at the table and we saw soo many people, we even got visited by a former intern Cassie! That was cool. Overall it was a cool experience led by our more seasoned ladies Miriam and Claudia.

As we marketed Latinitas I noticed another table called YO SUMO by Pepsi. I, being kind of a pepa, went to go see what was up and how to get a t-shirt lol. (I <3 freebies) So the girl said I could either fill out a questionaire about why think its important to fill out the Census and what my thoughts on it were. That sounded so boring! So I opted for the more media based, exciting way of sharing my opinions... webcam!!! i recorded a 30 second video of my thoughts. It was cool knowing that it might be used for a documentary directed by Eva Longoria. Fancy!! I thought it was a great way for us Latinas to get out there and tell the world what we think on this issue so I sent Miriam and Claudia. Yay! they did it too!

What did I learn today???? U need to put ypurself out there to see what your real potential is. Something so simple like today reminded me of how I care about the US, about informing others about Latinitas and getting others informed and involved!


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Comment by Rosana Lopez on April 22, 2010 at 9:58am
Comment by cloud.eah on April 22, 2010 at 8:28am
:) Yo Sumo Wrestler




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