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A couple of weeks ago I had an eye-opening moment. It's pretty silly because I couldn't believe I was so blind or so caught up in fiction. I'm with my girl friends
enjoying girl time while watching Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami when all three
of us just realized how fake the show is. We were disappointed in ourselves for
believing that some people live lives based on glamour and money. We were
disappointed because we wanted to live their lives one day. But that Sunday we
snapped out of lala land and came back to reality- the real reality! Tv
constantly lies to us. These supposedly so-called "reality" shows lie
to us. And a lot of us start to believe them because that's all we watch on Tv.

We noticed how these women wear make-up to sleep and dress in heels to go everywhere! They look fabulous 24/7! But what real person does this?! Every
scene is set up so drama can happen! But what real life has petty drama
everyday? I go shopping looking cute sometimes, but for the majority of time I
wear casual clothes. And there is nothing wrong this. I'm a real person. A
busy person with other things to worry about rather than impressing people who
I will never see again or who do not contribute to my living in anyway.

I tell you this is funny because I'm 21 and getting educated at UT and I still believed this show was real. But not anymore. I like to see reality shows
as society's new version of soap operas. Instead of watching Days of Our
Lives, we watch Keeping up with the Kardashians or the Hills. These women and
men are actresses playing a role during their reality series but what we see is
not their real lives, we are watching a script made up
by screenwriters, producers, and directors.

My main concern after snapping out of the illusion of perfection was that my friends and I are most likely not the only ones who believed these reality shows.
Young women going through middle school and high school are imitating these
lives as if they really exist. It upsets me because our society is so caught up
in material things, glamour, fame, bling, and wealth, but there is so much more
to life than all of this. I'm not saying that people are ridiculous for wanting
and buying beautiful things but that shouldn't be one's goal in life. And I
just hope that young girls don't fall deeply into this fantasized world and do
dumb things to obtain whats not really there. I would hate to see more girls
fall into financial traps just to live a life they think is real. Struggling in
school is real, shopping at the clearance racks is real, wearing messy
ponytails is real.

I hope girls realize that wealth and glamour is not everything. I hope that girls look in the mirror and are happy with who they see and not want to be or look like
anybody else. Tv is entertainment, not real! If you wish to be somebody on a Tv
show, whether it be their lifestyle or the way they look, you wish to be
something fake. Remember what your mama or papa told you, "Don't
believe everything you see in movies and tv."

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