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Running with the flow: My New Year's Resolution

This past New Year's I had no intention of making any resolutions because I never have, and I feel that if I were to make a life changing choice, it could be any day or any occasion; and I didn't have any in mind. But my friend did. He and I have been saying that we need to get in shape and follow our grad school dreams for the longest time, and he decided to do something about it. But of course, my friend Elmer decided to drag me along. His bright ideas for a new year's resolution were to run a half marathon and take the GRE, difficult but not impossible feats. For moral support he decided to add me to his list of resolutions; well I was going to be doing all these activities with him. Seeing as though he has never been an athlete, 13.4 miles might kill him in one sitting, so we started training the moment he whipped up this idea. Our other friends are too busy with school, work and life and they just don't feel like running to pass the time, and he knew I was the only one who would say yes to a half marathon.

Elmer and I have both recently graduated from college and are trying to find balance in our lives. We decided to take the next step towards our future, that's where the GRE comes in. The GRE, or the Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized test required for admittance into grad school; kind of like the SAT but for grad school. Anyway, we need to take that. But a lot of people study for it because the GRE grades the student on how well rounded they are, and if your major had nothing to do with math or reading then it's usually good to familiarize yourself with those subjects; and that's exactly what we're doing.

But at the moment, my focus is mainly on this half marathon. It's on February 28th in the middle of down town El Paso, also known as The El Paso Marathon. I ran 9 miles on Sunday, that's the most I've ever ran in one workout my entire life, and I did it without stopping. Elmer found a workout guide that helps us with our training, it helps a lot actually and it's probably keeping me sane. Needless to say my training is going really well, and it wasn't hard at first because I usually run one or two miles two or three times a week. Now I'm pushing myself and I have a friend to help. All this running has even made me want to eat healthier. I crave salads and fruits over grease and carbs and I've noticed I've saved a lot of money that way. 

I'll keep an updated account of my running to let you know how I'm doing. But so far, this is my first New Year's resolution ever, and I seem to be sticking with it. Through this long distance running, I've decided that I just love doing it. It's a good get-away from the world, it's sort of like meditating where you can get lost in your thoughts, or even on the streets.  I never imagined myself doing anything like this, so I say take a chance and do something new, create an entirely different lifestyle for yourself; you might love it!


Also I feel like all these endorphins are making me happy, and we all know that saying...

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