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So today I had to say goodbye to one person that almost meant the world to me... (NOTE i said ALMOST).

I thought it would be harder, yes it hurts, but I thought I wouldn't be able to hold in anything! I guess it

was just the fact that we had a really bad relationship with each other on the last couple of days, and TODAY we, BOTH, finally gave in. After constant fights, endless arguments and worrying-sleepless nights.
I finally can say I am in peace after talking to this person.


What am I trying to say?

It's simple, we've got to learn to forgive and forget... leave your proud self aside and have enough courage to see that person no matter what they did to you; or if you were the person who hurt that other person, be courageous enough to say "I'm sorry". It takes more courage to ask for forgiveness than to stop talking to someone and continuing with your life.If someone hurt you or you hurt somebody, make sure to be able to talk to that person. No matter if you will be able to workout your relationship, or your friendship, it's always better to end up in good terms.


Does it hurt me that that person left from my life?

Yeah it did, It did a lot actually, but it was something I knew would happen eventually; it was just something WE knew would happen. But you know what? I'm happy, actually I'm extremely happy, because I was able to see that person one last time, say good bye and end up in good terms. I rather be happy cuz it happened, than sad because it ended.


I wish the best of luck to that person who's leaving! Have an excellent trip!... and maybe after all we might see each other again, regardless of the distance and time that will pass by. <3




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Comment by Ana K. Torres on June 27, 2011 at 3:32pm

You're the best Sonia! you always find a way of making me feel better! :)!
I hope I can see you Tuesday or Thursday when you normally go to the office!

If not let me know if you can come swim with me at my pool! and we can recap

everything we've been missing! ;)!

I hope you're good and I'm sorry you had to say goodbye as well! :( it's kind of hard!

I'm here for you as well!!

I love ya! <3!

Comment by Sonia Rangel on June 27, 2011 at 2:09pm
I'm sorry, I had to say goodbye to my friend too. I hope to see you soon so we can recap and hopefully you're doing better with your cold. I'm glad you can to terms with that person though and whatever happens, I'm here for you. :) <3 you amiga!




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