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Hey what's up guys! Sorry it's been a while, I have been so stressed out lately with school and college and retaking the ACT and cheer I have not had really any time to write. I have a ton going on right now so I'm sorry if I don't update every single day. But I'm going to try!!
So, for me, school starts in like three weeks. Some people are excited, especially some of the other seniors I know. Woohoo we're seniors! We're the big dogs, the head of the school, the top of the food chain! Who wouldn't be excited right? Me. I'm not excited. For me, all school means is stress on stress on stress. Classes, and homework, and projects, whoopdedoo. Now don't get me wrong I'm excited to graduate and everything, but as far as starting school I'm not too thrilled.
Once school starts, lots of things are going to change. First and most importantly, my sleeping schedule! I mean I'm a teen, I stay up late and wake up late (on those rare days where I actually sleep). Sleep is what keeps me going. When school starts it means I have to get up at like 6:30 in the morning every day. And then I have classes all day and practices after school and then homework after practice. So it's gonna stink having to get up early every day.
Also, I probably won't have as much time to blog on here or on my own site. That sucks for me and for you! Writing is what keeps me sane and not being able to do it every day is gonna make me go crazy. So I'm apologizing in advance for not keeping up with my blog posts once school starts.
In addition, I won't be able to stay in my pajamas all day! Ugh, I didn't even think about that until just now. I usually don't get dressed during the summer unless I have to which isn't often because we don't really do much that requires me getting dressed other than my swim suit. No, for school I actually have to wear school clothes, not my favorite sweats and a t-shirt all day every day. But don't think I won't come home and immediately change into my pajamas again.
Oh, and what about my daily YouTube videos? How am I going to do that? A typical day in my summer life includes me laying in bed watching YouTube videos all day with the occasional trip to the kitchen for food. Nope, that has to stop once September 8th comes because I will be busy at school. Awesome. Goodbye cute boys on the internet, hello immature children who I will see every day in my high school.
I will also have to like, make an effort with my hair and makeup. My go-to look is a ponytail and no makeup but that won't be happening once I start classes. Nope, I will be doing something with my hair and probably wearing makeup every single day because I look kind of scary without it. I mean during the summer the only people who see me without makeup are my family members and cheer team and I'm fine with that. But I'm not okay with anyone else seeing me look like a monster here I come!
Well guys, that's about all for today! I will hopefully write again soon! Make sure to follow my Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas and Instagram: @Dallas_G98 and also my personal blog:
Until next time chicas!
-xxx, Dallas

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