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We've all been there. We're guests of our abuelas, tias, tios, sister or brothers friend's party.

Some of show enthusiam with head bopping and shake hipping moves. We are letting free and by golly I am one to Shakira's "my hips don't lie" all in the name of not being called a prude.

You even begin to sing to the countless top 40 music blaring out the speakers, when suddenly you realize what it is that you are actually singing. 

"Cheers to the freakin' weekend...don't let the bastard get you down," goes "Cheers"(Drink to that) by Rihanna.  "Girl, I can feel your body's all about you when the music makes you move," by Justin Beiber, and let us not forget the infamous song by Miley in which her video portraying a gang of young people getting a little personal in the wee hours of the morning. 

Other top 40 artists have that bounce, that beat to catch listeners to act and dance. Thus forgetting that what they speak of is the least of the worries. Given the fact that this is el mes de los Hispanos, as Univision likes to repeatedly remind at every commercial break, shouldn't music that I jam to represent me in the most formidable fashion?

Yes, Dia de Los Muertos is coming up and by gosh if it holds the promise of a night of dancing and face paint, then I too would like to participate. However if I am at such parties on Hallow's Eve and such and just so happen not to be downing a drink of vodka, the latest radio lyrics are that of extreme nature than fun.

It's not one particular genre of music either. Pop, country, hip hop, and rock have joined in what seems like a force to make music with some sort of havoc. They are trying to win the race of who can come up with the raunchiest, sexist, and saddest ballads. 

Of course this is nothing new. Justin Timberlake and crew(Nsync) did this with heart tugging songs like, "It's gonna be me." All members of the band are depicted as dolls. Each one vail that they will be the one chosen. "You've got no choice babe, but to move on," sings Chaze. oh by golly,

I'm not trying to get you girls to hate me. On the contrary though, I am trying to open up girls eyes that what they hear is internally ingrained and therefore acts as coping mechanism for you all in real life. For example, if I am singing britney spears, "work B*tch" and I am constantly jamming to her lyrics, "you want fancy cars, you gotta work for it.." I'm just playing devil's advocate, as someone on the other side may say, "well, YOU DO have to work hard to get those things."

All i am saying is to break down what you are singing.Really decipher the lyrics to understand their meaning. This way of grasping is what creates change. Why do you think underground music is so NOT in? It is because these artists are working in opposition of what music producers want. Producers want that money. Why not invest in music that will save a young girl's soul. 

Just sayin'


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