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Advertising has an enormous influence on us whether we realize it or not. It makes us choose certain products over others if we remember the catchy jingle while in the supermarket or without realizing it, we call everyday products by brand names instead of what they simply are. I don't know how many times I've called diapers, Pampers instead or tissues, Kleenex. 


However, advertising can have more dramatic effects as well. For example, a woman can have body-image issues through the photographs in magazines. One of the first ever lessons we have as Latinitas is about the exploration of how the Adobe software Photoshop can be misleading and alter our perception of women in magazines.


Advertising can and does work in very different ways. Recently, Dr. Pepper has launched an advertising campaign for their new diet soda aimed at men. While that itself is fine, their slogan is NOT.


 (CBS/Dr Pepper Snapple Group)

"It's not for women," the ad circulating on TV and the internet boasts. The ad itself is filled with gender stereotypes that makes me feel like Dr. Pepper has set all the progress women have made back a few decades. It claims women can't possible enjoy action movies and that we should "keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks" to ourselves. First of all, I cannot tell you how many action movies I've seen with my best friends. Second of all, what in the world is a lady drink? Since when are drinks even assigned a gender?

Many might be thinking that I'm overreacting. Maybe Dr. Pepper's just doing a little reverse psychology on women, by stating that it's not for us, we'll go out and buy it anyways.


BUT, Dr. Pepper you're wrong


This ad manages to alienate women and is offensive. It is ridiculous for Dr. Pepper to generalize the 157.2 million women in the United States. 


Besides, the Food Pyramid provided by the US Department of Agriculture says I should limit my soda intake anyways. Check out the Food Pyramid for kids (mpk_poster2.pdf).


I'm off to drink some refreshing water instead. I know that won't ever tell me it's not for women.



Maria de la Luz

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Comment by Laura Donnelly on November 11, 2011 at 2:37pm

This is awesome!  I love this class of club leaders/journalists!!!! 

Comment by Brooke M on November 8, 2011 at 1:53pm
I love this blog Maria! I was very disturbed when these Dr. Pepper ads first came out. It's pretty ridiculous! Great topic.




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