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I reciently came back from Dallas where I experienced the NFL. No, I'm not talking about football, I'm talking about the National Forensics Leauge, also known as the national competition for speech and debate. Last week people from all over our nation and even some from outside of the United States gathered in Dallas, Tx to show off thier skills. A lot of people mistake debate to be only for people who argue about boring topics when in reality, it's a sport with over 10 events that you can participate in and there are some that don't even envolve arguing.

Many aspiring actors join debate because there are events that involve a lot of acting. There are humerous interpretation, dramatic interepretation, prose, story telling and poetry and these events envolve having students choose a piece from a play or book and act it out. They're very fun to watch and perform!

There are also speaking events, like oratory and extemperanous speeches. These events consist of students coming up with thier own speeches, memorizing them and reciting them in front of a crowd. These events are perfect for our future public speakers of America, the ones who represent thier belifes and enjoy speaking out thier opinion.

The final group of events in debate consist of actual arguing. There is lincoln douglas debate, cross examination debate, student congress and public forum; here, you're either alone or with a partner and, like lawyers, you argue against another team over whether your case or thier case is better. The topics for cases aren't boring at all! Most of them deal with big problems going on in our world or even close to home, in our city of El Paso or nieghbors of Juarez.

I was amazed with all the speakers and performers! There are so many talented people around the world and it was really fun to meet so many different people! I had a great conversation with a girl all the way from Japan just by complementing her shoes! Speaking of shoes, speech and debate is a proffesional sport and, just like athletes, we have uniforms and have to suit up in professional attire. It's fun to see all the differnent suit combinations people can come up with, even though most outfits look the same but heels are the perfect way for us girls to express our selves in debate. If you're a shoe lover like me, you'd love to watch all the different fancy heels girls wear!

Yes, I will admit, we are classified as "nerds" but, in my own personal opinion, I think being smart and having an intellegent conversation about whats going on in our world is pretty cool! But woah! Let me tell you, right before the speech and debate competion began, there was an anime convention at the same hotel. I don't know how Dallas managed to handle all the geek-itude!

Speech and debate nationals was amazing and it just made me fall more in love with the event. If you love acting, writng, arguing, dressing up and meeting new people, speech and debate is for you! I pinky promise that if you try it, you'll have a lot of fun!

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Comment by Alicia on June 20, 2011 at 11:12pm
Congrats to making it to nationals!!




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