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Steve Harvey, Dr. Phil - we've had enough

Act Like a Lady. Think Like a Man. Hello Mr. Steve Harvey - we've been doing that since the origin of species and we are exhausted. If you don't know Steve Harvey and his new book - he's a pretty funny comedian, who like many men with public speaking power tend to start thinking they are experts are everything. Women have been "acting like a lady" - not too smart, too sexy, too rugged, too this, too that - since we were cavewomen and thinking like a can we not? We live in a society that is totally prescribed for men - movies are designed for them with male protagonists and sexual content that only seems to spotlight a woman's bare breasts and butt - the business page is written about them, they are the majority of CEOs and government is welcoming of them and not so much of our female sisters aspiring to office. The majority of the Senate is still - what 80 percent male?!!

So, Harvey - we have been acting like a lady wearing our lipliner and sundresses all the while - you and you "revolutionary" book haven't said anything about inclusion of the woman comfortable breaking barriers, glass ceilings and stereotypes about what she is supposed to look and be like in order to be acceptable to the growing number of inferior men who aren't supporting their families and letting their children wallow in poverty. In fact, the whole book is to "help" women land a guy. How about some better advice - acknowledging the hundreds of thousands of minority and other women who are doing it by themselves - home ownership, self-sustainance and running family. How about writing a book to commend them instead of pointing out some century old baloney about why they aren't getting the old, cookie-cutter American Dream of a house in the burbs with a supportive husband. Maybe that is never going to be restored - and shouldn't? Harvey - having been born in the 50's - you can vouch for yourself how oppressive it was for both sexes.

I call to action all you young Latinitas with more time on your hands than me (i am running Latinitas with Alicia for crying out loud - we have our hands full!) and write your books - commending your mothers, tias, abuelas who at many times were Acting Like a Lady and Thinking Like a Man for survival to make it in this upside American society that doesn't value womanhood/motherhood like some of the 3rd world countries we annihilate.

Step up muchachas and tell this old fogey his advice is not welcome here!

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