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     Being any race other then white in american basically guarantees you some kind of struggle. Mine was known from a very young age. In my family its common knowledge that i take after my fathers mother. In others words I look more white then I do Mexican. When people find out I am Mexican I usually get these following responses: Do you speak spanish? Are you adopted? I was surprised to find out I mean you don't look the type. Do you understand spanish? You look more white then Mexican, etc. 

     Growing up hearing this it gets pretty old fast. Its especially difficult when your classmates think your to white to be Mexican but to Mexican to be white. This left me stuck in the middle for a long time. I didn't understand why they saw the importance of how I looked. It wasn't until I went out of town to New Mexico did I realize how I looked like mattered. My father and my brothers had dropped my off at a spa we were going to so they  could park. Upon entering the business owner had no problems with me and even offered me something to drink. However upon seeing my dad and brothers he immediately denied them any service and asked us to leave. We had done nothing wrong. This continued to happened to us the rest of our trip. This unfairness angered me how could they judge my family without knowing us. 

I feel this is the biggest struggle within our culture we get judged without them knowing us. I've seen someones attitude change towards me completely when they learn that I am Mexican. We all deal with this at some point in our lives I know I am not the only one. People can judge us if they want because at the end of the day its whats in our hearts that count. Martin Luther King once said " Let no man pull you low enough to hate him." I remember this every time some one discriminates against me. It helps remember to be the bigger person to be slow to anger and that while their ignorance and intolerance is unfortunate it is their problem and has no reflection as me as a person. This is something we will all continue to face but we can chose to face it with a positive state of mind.

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