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SXSW is a festival hear in Austin that has three components: Interactive, Film and Music. Instead of going home for spring break, I decided to stay in Austin for the festival. 

On Saturday, I was waiting outside a theatre for a movie. A few minutes, or an eternity later, a black SUV comes out and people start to get crazy. I was one of those people. Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick, Ron Livingston and Jake Johnson all come out. I was taking photos like crazy and I could not stop myself from acting like a typical fangirl.

Anna Kendrick managed to sign my book and I got to say hi to her. Ron Livingston basically said hi to a few people and was getting ready to walk the press line. Olivia Wilde was a sweetheart and taking photos of everyone. Jake Johnson, who plays Nick Miller on Fox’s New Girl, was just standing there. Since Olivia Wilde was already away from me, and there was one person in front of me. I decided to be a fangirl so I yelled out “Jake.”

Jake turned around and looked at me waiving my little black book (aka my autograph book). I then yelled, “will you sign this for me?” He smiled and laughed and walked towards me. Before I could extend my hand, a lot of people began to take photos with him, which got me annoyed. First of all, they didn’t even know who he was. I'm not going to lie though. I didn't know he played Nick Miller. I'm a HUGE OBSESSIVE fan of New Girl, but I never knew who the actor was until a few hours before.

Anyways, I say, “Jake, can you please sign this?” He looks at me and smiles and gets my book and signs it. I then say thank-you and ask if I could take a photo with him. He’s like, “sure.

I tap the guy in front of me and ask if he could move a bit so I can take a picture with Jake. The random guy didn’t hear me. Then the best thing that happened to me on Saturday was what happened next. Jake asked the guy if he could move so we could take a picture and the guy moved. Then, I squished myself to the front, and tried to angle myself to get a great photo with Jake. Jake was then, “here, let me get your phone and I’ll take our picture.” He then grabbed my phone and took our picture. After that, I told him, “thanks so much! I love you and I’m such a huge fan of New Girl. He smiled and thanked me and walked off to meet the press.

I was seriously impressed with how nice Jake was. His main goal was to sign and take a photo with a true fan. I was seriously impressed with how cool he is with his fans. 

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