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Target Rebranding their image to Include Genderless boy/girl Set up

Target is moving in a different direction in featuring their toys for children. In a press release on their website, beginning on the 7th of August they state that their toys will no longer limit to one gender and instead advertised as "kids" as a way for customers better roam through the store.Target writes, "reference to gender, including the use of pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the back walls of our shelves,"as a better method to stop gender boundaries,  but will this mean an easier childhood or better equip the parents for a better transition into the evolving community their children live in?

I see many of my friends whove recently become mothers. Just a few years ago, when they too were in college, taking feminist classes they were adamant in equality and making sure their future children, if any, would not live in a world where their child would need to choose between pink or blue. Now, I went to them with this story and one of my friends had this to say, "because the toys are easier to find that way. if they move both sections together it will be really cluttered and chaotic."

 All I could think was, cluttered to who?

I can clearly liking green and its bountiful beauty, it was the color of trees, of grass, and even my sneaker.

If children don't think in those terms, why is it so hard for adults to mimic this trait, the innocence?

I am also sure that if a little boys favorite doll has a steel belt, he wont be thinking, "but it can't be the girl with that belt on" this is because children are conditioned to think in these terms. In a way, I feel, it's a fear a parent may have because they've "prepared them" the moment they came out their stomach.

No one wants their child to be the runt of the classroom, but no parent wants to limit their child.

I wonder if Target consulted any children on the matter. I will investigate. Until then, any thoughts?

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