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I successfully survived the horror years of teenage hormones about about seven years ago. It was always my goal throughout my teens to be Ms. Mature and I always tried to be the better person or stay away from situations that I knew would bring trouble. I find myself today as a 21-year-old college lady that stands alone on a campus full of diversity, a sea of people who have lived and learned from past experiences."That's just the way things are," is often the feedback I receive when I complain to them about all injustice I see in the world.

A few months ago, I plunged into my first relationship with a boy in my Marketing class. It felt right to be with him because a lot of small details in his personality made him stand out from anyone else I had ever met before. WELL, if I ever complained about my awkward stage at 13-- I am now thankful for any sort of poise I had back then, because at the age of 21 I was more lost than ever on how to behave with a boy now by my side. I wish it would have still been as easy as when I was 13 and made up code names for boys with my friends in order to keep my feelings undercover. 

After three months of dating this boy who sat with me in class, my confused feelings lead me to break up with him. Two weeks afterwards, he asked one of my closest sorority sisters to be his Valentine (she said no) and a few days later he had a new girlfriend. I can't help but giggle at the cliche-ness of life. I feel like an angry teen that wants to burn everything he ever gave her, like Taylor Swift when she writes a song on a boy who broke her heart, like a character in a movie who swears into a pillow that she'll never trust another boy again. I feel all of that; I feel like a teenage girl again with all of these angry and sad emotions every time I think of boys.

But the adult in me acknowledges that everything happened for a better reason. Imagine I would have stayed longer with this guy? Actually, I can't even imagine that. I can tell from his post-behavior that he was never the guy for me. I'm thankful he's erased from my life even though I feel dumb for trusting a person like this for three consecutive months. With time, I know this too shall pass and I'll have one more experience for the books.

Today a man that works at the post office asked me how my day was going. I told him it was actually pretty sucky and, after quietly taping my envelopes together, he peeked out from under his glasses and said, "I'm sorry today you had a bad day, but tomorrow you will get a re-do."

He was right, I know so. Today I might be the sentimental teenager that sings her broken heart out to a song on the radio, tomorrow I might be the girl who hides from the world, a few weeks afterwards I might want to fly from happiness. Nothing is ever permanent, things pass and we watch new beginnings start again just like the leafs on trees each season. We enter each season in our lives with a deeper knowledge on life-situations and new frames on our glasses that help us notice the different shades in the sky we had not noticed the season before. Every passing minute is a chance to live, learn, and make the best out those little lessons we are given each day.

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Comment by Dominique Gonzalez on February 22, 2013 at 9:52am

Great post Adriana! You live and you learn! It didn't seem like this guy was man enough for you anyway! I love your very positive way of looking at this experience. :)

Comment by Cynthia Amaya on February 21, 2013 at 9:02pm

Adriana, this is beautiful. I'm so glad you posted it!




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