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Set goals for yourself. Both long term and short term.

And when I mean for yourself, I mean FOR YOURSELF, not for anyone else.

I know your parents and your school may have expectations of you, but what do you want for YOU?


Maybe you’re thinking, I’m really young, how can I possibly think of what I want for myself? But NO! That’s the wrong way to think. You are capable of determining what you want in the present (now) and in the future.


That distinguishes between your long term and your short term goals. And in order to reach those long term goals, you have to set a few short term goals to help you accomplish things in the future.


Long term goals are the things you want done and/or to happen in the future. For you, the future might mean at the end of the semester, in one year, 5 years, or when you “grow up.” Short term goals are things you want done now or very soon - for example, by tomorrow, by this weekend, or even by next week.


Some examples of a long term goals for a young Latina could be to get AB Honor roll this semester, to graduate high school, and even as far as to go to college and have a super awesome incredible career. J


So in order to reach those goals, some short term goals need to be established:

For example, to receive A’s and B’s on your report card at the end of the semester you have do the assignments and study. A short term goal could be that you will study for 2 hours a day before you go to sleep.

Another example, to graduate high school. You need to pass your grades, and in order to pass your grades, you need to pass your test. To pass your test, you need to learn and study. :) (As you break it down into shorter goals, the more specific and the more possible they become. Then college doesn't seem that far away.)

And to go to college, you must graduate high school with excellent standings, which goes back to those A’s and B’s you are already working on even in middle school. Do you see a pattern here.. ;D


So there are things you can do NOW that will definitely help you accomplish your long term goals. ^_^


As you determine what goals you will make, you start to form a plan of action. This helps to give you a sense of direction in your life, which can be extremely beneficial. These goals also serve as motivators to continue working hard and to know that in the long run, all your hard work will definitely pay off.



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