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I reciently became a yearbook editor for my school and, although I have been on the yearbook staff in the previous years, I've learned that there is SO much work that has to be put into the book of the year! I've never been an editor. In my sophomore year I was a photographer but that's all I did- take pictures and turn them in. I did work on one page but that was a group project, and because I didn't know how to use InDesign and my friend did, she did most of the work. But now, after two years of experience with InDesign and because it's my senior year, I decided to take on the role of the Clubs and Organization Editor! (< title bolded of dramatic effect)

Woah! I had no idea what I had put myself into! Imediatly after gaining the title, 5 other editors, the yearbook adviser and I started getting at work. We've spent days over trying to figure out what theme our yearbook was going to have, and we still aren't very sure!

Mrs. C-flo (what we call our adviser) signed us all up for a yearbook workshop this whole week and today was my first day. At first you don't really think a whole week will be needed to learn about "what is a yearbook" but after today, I've learned that there is so much more to a yearbook! Today I learned about photography and how to work with our cameras. I learned all the cool technical terms like ISO, shutter speed, F-stop, and aperature. I also learned what most of the little buttons do on the camera and what thier symbols mean. I now know how to take great action shot pictures and awesome photo's in low lighting!

I'm learning so much at these workshops and am really excited for Thursday's session which will have Bobby Hawthorne, who recieved the Charles R. O'Malley Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. He's a really good writing teacher and teaches students how to love writing and tips on how to write better- a talent that is really hard to come by and teach.

So this morning I've found how much more is actually put into a yearbook and I have so much respect for the previous editors! This year is going to be tough and full of hard work but I know I'll learn a lot of interesting stuff. School year of 2011-2012, bring it!

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Comment by Bethany Ward on June 27, 2011 at 3:18pm
I was in yearbook with Mrs. C-flo at Americas too! Although I was never an editor of any of the sections of the yearbook it was a lot of hard work, but fun at the same time! I loved it. That is so cool that you get to experience the workshops I am sure they will be very beneficial, interesting, & fun!




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