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I watched this Thai commercial only last week. It's nothing new. But I was captivated by it.  So now, I'm determined to spread the word about it's incredible message. 

In just three minutes, the Thai telecommunications conglomerate True created a thoughtful tearjerker commercial regarding the idea of selfless giving. This clip managed to do what Hollywood films struggles to do in two hours: make people cry!  

When I was watching this video, I kept thinking: Wow.. THIS is what needs to be on TV! Not those absurd Sonic commercials... But seriously, I can't help but notice how American commercials are filled with idiotic/sarcastic humor that instead of making you buy the product or think about the activity/idea that they are promoting, it makes you wanna hit the TV for wasting your time. Or is that just me? 

So I strongly suggest that you check out the outstanding commercial below, but I also challenge you to be aware of what sort of information you are taking in when watching TV. Ask yourself--What is this about? Is this worth watching? Or better yet, what did I learn from watching this?

 I'm not going to spoil anything by telling you what it is you should just watch it!  If you have already seen it, take a minute to consider the time you spent watching meaningless vs thought-provoking  TV or films. 

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Comment by Mariana Stavig on September 26, 2013 at 12:35pm

A friend sent me this video the other day, Im so glad you posted it! It is a wonderful example of humanity.It is too bad that the media outlets controlling TV are more interested in constantly increasing profit and promoting consumer culture than supporting human kindness. As this clip shows, there is more to life than money (though it does control such important aspects of our lives, such as access to food and proper health care, as shown in the video).

It shows, unfortunately,that in our current system only certain people have the right to a good life. Hospital bills throw many into bankruptcy and poverty, as if being seriously ill was not difficult enough. This is why I believe universal access to healthcare is non negotiable. We all deserve the right to be healthy, it should not be a privilege for those who can afford treatment.

The beauty of this clip is in the trajectory of the young boy from hungry wanderer to professional doctor. Because he was given food while in need, he was able to develop into a successful professional, able to return the favor when the older man fell ill.

No, this ad does not sell a product, but it sells the idea of social justice and responsibility. Im sold.




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