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The La Llorona Nightmare Comes To Life This Halloween

I’d like to believe the only reason I behaved as a child is because of my intense fear of La Llorona. I still remember the first time my grandmother told me the story, I was traumatized to say the least. It didn’t make it any less comforting that my grandma used to live two houses and a highway away from the rio that ran along the Mexico border. I had to sleep with my grandma every time I spent the night at her house because I swore I could hear La Llorona coming for me. The story of La Llorona is still one that haunts me. Anytime I drive past a canal or river when I look away for fear of seeing her lurking in the dark or hearing her crying “Ay mis hijos”! 

For this reason exactly I was amazed when I heard that Universal Studios in California has created a La Llorona themed haunted maze for their Halloween Horror Nights. The maze is called La Llorona: Villa De Almas Perdidas and is modeled after a Mexican village through which you can hear the cries and screams of La Llorona. The actors inside the maze are dressed up to represent all the different versions of La Llorona tale. I was so excited to hear about this maze because even though La Llorona is a tale many Latinos know by heart, it is not everyday that you see an entire attraction at a theme park inspired by a Latino urban legend. Many Latino/a celebrities such as Wilmer Valderrama and Angelica Vale have visited the maze and filmed La Llorona video diaries in which they tell of their own experiences with the legend. Now Latinos all over the world can come face to face with the terrifying ghost woman who has haunted our dreams forever.



If you can’t visit the maze there is still a chance for you to experience La Llorona’s outside of your nightmares. This past weekend the NBC series Grimm aired it’s La Llorona Halloween episode. The episode is centered around the dissapparence of children at the hands of La Llorona. The previews were enough to send chills down my spine, and I still can’t bring myself to watch the episode online! If this is still not enough of La Llorona for you American Apparel has been inspired to create a DIY costume in her honor.

This Halloween the legend of La Llorona has been brought to life! I have to say I am more excited than I am frightened. Check out the terrifying links below and decide for yourself if Universal Studios, NBC and American Apparel have portrayed La Llorona like you imagined her. What do you think of La Llorona's representation in popular culture this Halloween season? 

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights: La Llorona

La Llorona Diaries:

Grimm La Llorona Episode:

American Apparel DIY La Llorona:

Happy Halloween y portate bien or La Llorona will come for you. ;)


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Comment by Laura Donnelly on November 1, 2012 at 12:38pm

Great blog!

Comment by Jessica Salinas on October 31, 2012 at 8:57am

Cool! It is neat to see Latino urban legend inspired attractions and episodes :)




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