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I think everyone has experienced that "new Girl" feeling where you dont really know what youre getting yourself into when you agree to something. Today was my orientation in Latinitas and i have to say that for the first time being in a unknkown environment, i have felt right at home if i should say.Friendly faces greet you and you cant help but smile and think to yourself, yup....i made the right choice.

As a high school student at Eastwood, beginning Senior year is so exciting. I cant help but think back four years and believe i was once that puny freshmen afraid of the big halls that are now so small and familiar to me. But just like everything has an end, high school is meant to prepare you for the real world and to help you decide what direction to take in life once you get that diploma in your hand. I always avoided that question that every high schooler gets , "what do you wanna do when you grow up?" because, i figured, yeah i have four years to figure it out, i have time.... but the time was running out for me and thats when it hit me. What did i wanna do with my life? I needed a sign, anything to help me decide. My aunt was my knight in shining armour because she is the one that planted that seed of curiousity to develop skills as a writer. After that i joined journalism/yearbook at school and my motivation kept growing. Latinitas was such a blessing because I now know what direction im heading to and they have given me my first of many tools that ill need to accomplish my dreams of becoming a journalist.

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Comment by Adriana Candelaria on August 31, 2012 at 9:16am

Latinitas will be an awesome experience in your life and will inspire you to reach for higher goals! I was an intern during the summer with questions about whether I wanted to continue my journalism degree or go for something medical. Throughout the weeks I re-discovered why I love journalism and I wouldn't have done so without the company of all the lovely Latinas there! I entered college this semester determined to finish my degree and continue empowering younger girls through media. It's seriously something you will fall in love with or at least remember with glee. :) good luck in your senior year! Remember to give it your all because senior year only comes ONCE in your life :)




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