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Late night TV has had undergone major renovations these past years. David Letterman had his intern scandal in which he managed to survive unharmed, his ratings remaining stable. Ellen DeGeneres got married and cried over her pet's death. Oprah announced the end of her talk show reigning era, but with the introduction of her own network. George Lopez, opened the pathway for Latinos on Late Night, hosting his own show on TBS.

But the biggest drama of all in Late Night (no it's not the oversharing of Chelsey Lately), was the chidlish spat between Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. It all started with a change of time slots. O'Brien was finally going to be given the coveted "Tonbight" slot, replacing Jay Leno. However, Leno was not going to give up his toy that easily.

The genious at NBC decided to give Leno a shot at primetime. Instead of the traditional Tonight Show, Jay Leno would begin his show, to be followed by O'brien. In other words nothing changed.

O'brien didn't take the hit, he backfired and soon enough every talk show host put in ther two cents. How Leno was being greedy and backed out on his promise to O'Brien to give him the Tonight Show gig. Of course neither the Leno or O'Brien show brought in a lot of ratings.

It was then that O'Brien managed to get out of his NBC contract, under the clause that he will not appear on TV for a few montshs. And thus began his "Banned from TV" comedic tour across the nation.

Even though rumors of O'Brien moving to FOX, it was announced that he will change to TBS.

And the irony of all ironies, being that he will push George Lopez back, doing the same thing he critized Leno for doing.

Of course, I see that O'Brien has worked hard for his timeslot, but just when you think Hispanics got a leg up, someone pulls us down.

However, I think this move will actually help the George Lopez show. Although, a favorite among Hispanics and most importantly the target teen audience. TBS does not draw the same numbers as CBS, NBC or ABC, but with O'Brien on TBS, things might change for the network and for Lopez.

All I know is that I'm keeping in tune for the chola makeovers on the Lopez show with a Conan appetizer.

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