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Hello beautiful people, 

Lets get to know each other. My name is Daniela Marines. I am 26 years old (yay!). I am a college student, a full time manager at a wonderful restaurant, a blogger, a yoga fanatic and a new intern at Latinitas. For those that know me very well, they know my passion for comedy shows like the big bang theory, how i met your mother and friends. If you haven't notice the reference to friends in the post title, I encourage you to get on Netflix and watch it! 

This first blog would be an introduction to myself and some of my passion in life. Let get started...

I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, I came to the U.S. when I was ten years old with no english speaking skills under my wing. Learn a new language was a necessity than a luxury. Although, english was easy because of my surrounding, learning english through TV helped much more. Even if it was by watching Dora the Explorer and sesame street, shows like these are helpful for second language learners. Coming to the U.S. was a hard transition from my life in Chihuahua and being away from my family and friends were the toughest.

Being a Mexican girl in the U.S. give me a disadvantage and a challenge. The challenged was to practice my english and advance in my classes to prove my intelligence and my capability to stay in this country. The disadvantage was being discrimination against my race. The names calling and stereotypes can hurt a young girl, especially her self esteem in high school. But that didn't stop me. I quickly became fluent, I participated in clubs, and sports activities like tennis. I proved to my classmates that although I was not born in this country, I can be successful and exceed to more than they though i would do. 

My biggest goal is to be a role model for girls. To let them know they are not alone in the fight. Que si se puede (Yes we can) and that being Latina/hispanic is something to celebrate and be proud of. 

Now you learn a little about me and one of my proudest and challenging moments in my life. My goal for each post is to have a positive impact from a story or/and a tip to live a more happy life. Thank for reading. 

-Each day is beautiful when you smile. 

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