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What could possibly make a teenage girl get pregnant on purpose?
The Pregnancy Pact, which aired last night on Lifetime, addressed this question, and more. The film surrounds real news reports from June 2008 stating several high school students in Gloucester, Massachusetts all agreed to get pregnant, raise their babies together, and have everything they’ve ever dreamed of. It should be noted that this pact has never been confirmed by any of the real life teens, and the film tries to get to the bottom of it all. Starring Thora Birch as Sidney, a liberal video blogger, and Nancy Travis as Lorraine, the conservative mother of Sara (Madisen Beaty) one of the pregnant teens. It might seem fairly obvious to most that teen pregnancy isn’t the most ideal situation, but try telling that to these teens. It almost makes you want to scream at the screen at how foolish, and well just ridiculous, they are acting about the whole thing. In fact, Sara still looks like a child. Their main concern is how to dress up their babies and seeing how their current bellies will look with a basketball in it. It’s the parents who worry about things like insurance, finances, and college. Like blogger Sidney says, “They think being pregnant and having a child is like a huggies commercial.” As the film progresses, and the media, the town, and their families hear about a pact, the teens slowly start to see the impact their choices have made. The drama causes the town to examine their practices in how to educate their children about sex, abstinence, and birth control. It’s the same old debate: Does educating teens about birth control and passing out condoms encourage sex and promiscuity? Or does avoiding the subject of birth control keep teens in the dark and actually result in more pregnancies and STDs? I’m not sure if the film really closes up the debate. There will always be people who only see one side. Although, it made a valid point. That sex education goes beyond talking about abstinence, STDs, pregnancy, or birth control. It must involve giving the teens a sense of their future. If a teen, or anyone for that matter, has a reason to wait to be a parent, then it’s more likely that they will use the birth control or wait to be sexually active. It’s not just having a jar of condoms in the nurse’s office or refusing to speak about real concerns in sex. You have to examine why these girls could possibly want to be mothers at such a young age. What do you think? Why is teen pregnancy still an issue?
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Comment by Rosana Lopez on January 26, 2010 at 8:41pm
ooooh i wanna see this movie!!!! My opinion is that when its a planned pregnancy at a very young age they may be trying to fill a void... maybe my opinion will change after i see the movie.
Comment by Miriam on January 25, 2010 at 8:46am
I saw the movie on Saturday and it just made me feel so sorry for these girls with no dreams! The part where Sydney asks Sara about her dreams and Sara say that having a baby and marrying Jessie are her only dreams it just broke my heart. At sixteen a girl should be maybe a Junior in high school, preparing for the SAT's and thinking about what colleges she is going to apply to, not what brand of diapers will not cause a rash. I am a 24 year old mother, I became a mother when I was 21 and still I think maternity is the hardest thing! Being a mother means literally forgetting about yourself, no more me, me .me and it's all about your baby. I don't think any 16 year old is ready to be so selfless. Girls should spend their time enjoying life not making babies. Take a dance class, find a hobby, get an afterschool job but girls please think about it!!




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