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The Sudden Realization that I am Unable to Read

Or so it seems...Girls, it is wonderful the magic the way letters come together to form words to create sentences that make up a story, be it fiction or not. The point is that as of late, I have not been able to fully concentrate on a single word. This isn't like the time in my last year of college where words and numbers intertwined and left me angry and disappointed that my thoughts were infiltrating my ability to form a sentence, thus leaving me with a diagnosis of ADHD, I still tend to refute, but don't do as I say. If you find yourself unable to concentrate, do not be afraid to ask.

The point is that, though it has not been proven, to my knowledge of course, people do not read as many books as they used to. Personally, I've been on a quest, a project of my own, where I sociological decipher whether or not books are become obsolete or is reading?

The point is NOT that I notice all ages, all sexes have become immune to learning, is just that I noticed in myself, having to force myself to read books recreationally. For the last few years, I psyche myself over a books' summary online, sometimes even getting a rush from reading that small tidbit, unfortunately being let down as I lay in bed.

It goes a little something like this: I open my current read, The Plague Dogs (my current read) and have to reread the same 5 sentences five times and not understand what I just read. It's hard. I am beginning to think, the world wide web does more bad than we would like to admit. The rush of information that travels to our brain is an instant high, no lie, so your brain continues to search for another, smaller article, with a photo to satisfy the curious brain!

Agh! This is disheartening...I often wonder if children brought up in the 2000s are immune to this dissimulation and it really worries me to think the only way their brains will create any sort of brain power, be it photo, or words will need to be injected power houses of electricity. Kind of, at least.

Children, young people are able to create 140 character messages, posts and the like in 2 min or less, but I wonder if this finger power does any good for communication of speech and thought process.

Put me on as a administrative position as a Exel database consultant, I fume over the lack of number knowledge. Too many number-like tasks...urg.

I mean, I can learn, but my brain power is not in the same position it was while in college and back.

It really feels as though I need to begin reading Dr. Seuss just to slow my thoughts.

Do any other people experience a lack of attention or is it just me?

It often feels as though, if I let myself get a 2 min break to check my email, draw online, a glimpse at my social network, the anxiety leading up to it subsides and YET, it never is satisfied. I hope this doesn't mean I'm becoming a dunce, by far, no doubt.

It's time to go back to school, no doubt.

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