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One of our fellow latinitas has started her own company. Its the latest craz called Scentsy. The wick less candle. Its amazing and I am so into them, I have like one for every room in my house! Well, about a week ago I attended Miriam's launch party and I saw how gung ho she was about it. She was so organized,professional and just so ready to tell you all about the product. So of course i bought a little something but for all the party goers the opportunities were endless. I have to say that I did take advantage of one of the opportunities of hosting a party and I have to say I was sooo excited. I knew that by hosting one of these parties I would be helping my friend but still getting a little discount of my own. To make a long story short my party was last night and it was wonderful!!!! I sold $350 and got an amazing load of things either half off or free!! whooo! All in all I wanted to share, as in the words of my Women Studies professor, "Women helping women is the whole goal of third wave feminism." Needless to say, I feel good that im helping someone as well as her helping me. Its a great trade off. So women out there the best thing we can do is help each other succeed!

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Comment by Rosana Lopez on April 19, 2010 at 10:23am
i know right! we all have sooo many things in common! lol dude i got a free warmer!!!! and 3 more scents for like 5 bucks... score!!!! :D
Comment by cloud.eah on April 19, 2010 at 10:08am
Rosana! I love Scentsy too! I am so happy I found you to share the little sweet things in life, ooh and Miriam too I guess... Jk :)




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