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Thursday to friday and friday to saturday... what a long weekend :)

My first official interview too place. I interviewed district 3 representative; Emma Acosta and District 7 rep. Steve Ortega. I was so nervous at first but by the end I had calmed down and I felt good about the over all experience. The interview process went well and soon the story will be coming out. Later that night my friend ray came over and spent the night because we and a group of other friends went to the midnight showing of new moon.

So I am in the waiting line/theater for about three hours before the movie finally started. The movie was great I liked it. I especially like the werewolf joining in to the storyline. So after that i was obviously lacking sleep the rest of the day =P. So that afternoon my sister as well went to see new moon. Me and mom went to go see my brother wrestle at army strong. My brother was going to wrestle when my sister was getting out of the movie so my mom asked me to go get her by my self. (oh btw my dad was out of town so he was no help) So i had to go from ft. bliss to Tinseltown and back to get my mom. Everything went well until I went back. The gates were closed to the gym parking lot and I couldn't get in, they didn't open it for me and my mom couldn't get out. long story short i had a panic attack and learned a few things: one that when you have your hazard lights on or also known as emergency lights letting people know you are having issues and could use some help no one cares, I can circle around two intersections a million times right out of ft.bliss and no one will stop you or say anything, You can be parked in front of the gates at ft. bliss and they don't come and question you or ask if you need help until about 1 hr later. Everyone finally got reunited and we went home.

My dad finally got home and got the good day... nothing went wrong and my brother placed first =D

Over all: good, interesting, learning experience =D

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Comment by essined on November 24, 2009 at 11:38am
sounds like you had a crazy weekend. I'm glad you feel better and remember: Franky say 'Relax." :)
and remember you can give us a call if you need anything especially lady gaga ringtones haha
Comment by Cassandra Barraza on November 23, 2009 at 4:39pm
P.S Sunday was mellow yellow =D




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