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Hi all! 

Hope you are all enjoying this winter break! 

I recently came across this article and I thought I'd share it here since I haven't written anything in here in a long time! 

This article, entitled "10 Toxic people You Shouldn't Bring with You in the New Year", talks about how we get caught up in unhealthy friendships and are often afraid to let them go. 

The author lists ten characteristics of "toxic" individuals:

1. People who make life more stressful

2. People who don't respect you

3. People who use you

4. Those who always manage to hurt you

5. People who lie to you

6. Those who smile to your face and talk about you behind your back

7. People who don't care about you, but love to pretend that they do

8. People who hold you back

9. People who drag you back to your old lifestyle  

10. Those who are just taking up space in your life. 

I can assure you probably had someone in mind for every aspect of the list above. Or perhaps it's always the same person? 

 So if you have already come across all ten characteristics and believe you know how to handle it, or think that it won't happen to you again, you're wrong. It's inevitable. Humans are flawed and selfish by nature. The world is full of hypocritical people--people who are looking out for themselves and will not hesitate to use you. So it's your job to identify them before it's too late. 

I've had my fair share of experience with fake people, liars, and people who stress me out more than I should be. As a matter of fact, most of these experiences came from individuals I considered really close friends. But in the end, when I realized how miserable I'd become,  I had to cut the cord. And trust me, it's worth it. 

Therefore, in the wake of the New Year, I challenge all of you to try to to leave the negativity behind and build a better circle of friends. 

Happy Holidays! 

P.S. Something new I'm thinking of trying our for the New Year to avoid negativity is "The Happiness Jar Project". It sounds a bit cheesy, but it's actually a really unique idea for those who like to have a fun routine/habit everyday. The jar is to be filled, one piece of paper per day  (or more), with things that make you happy--quotes, moments, photos, or anything that made you happy that day. You are supposed to start the January first and continue throughout the year. On the last day of the year, you read all of the pieces of papers and reminisce on all of the moments that you were happy that year.

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Comment by Latinitas Intern on December 31, 2014 at 1:58pm

Awesome advice!




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