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I have been thinking lately about how the manners of young boys have changed over the past years. Men used to stand up when a woman will get up, take their hats off to greet any person, even most of them would not dare to insult a woman. Now days men still open the door for you, but it is very rare to a men to open the door of a car for you; when are you going to enter and when you are going to get out of the car; some of them even move the chair in a way for you to properly sit. How these manners have changed over time? Is it maybe because they do not see their father act the same way with other women? or is that women have failed to teach their sons to treat women properly? Or maybe they just behave as a gentleman when they are interested in a particular lady, instead of treating every girl the same. What if is the simple fact that we just like to be treated in a ugly way, because it is they way they bring our attention, and we like to go for the bad guy who keeps playing with our feeling instead of the nice guy who knows how worthy we are. Gentlemen are still alive, but maybe we are blinded by the foolish belief that we are able to change the bad guy which sometimes doesn't work, and at the end we ended up losing. We like to say that all men or boys are the same, but i like to believe that they are the same, yet at the same time different. All men agree in many things, yet they like to do certain things in a different way. Girls, always go for the man who gives you lots of hearts and flowers, instead of the guy man see you as nothing more than just a joke. Maybe many men or boys stop behaving as a gentleman because they fell for the wrong lady. What do you think, are we naturally masochist, and we like to get hurt, or is it we like to look for drama? What is it?...

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Comment by Melissa Torres- Flores on December 9, 2013 at 12:55pm
Thanks for your comment(: and yeah it is pretty hard!!!
Comment by Veronica Porras on December 9, 2013 at 5:31am

I think that people used women's liberation as an excuse to get rid of chivalry. Then, my big brain says that chivalry did not exist for everyone all the time anyway. Women used to be traded or sold like cattle before. People marry for love now. But, I don't know. The best advice to give you is to continue respecting yourself. I feel that many women are desperate and do not know how to ask for what they like. They settle for being treated like a thing. Dating is one of the most confusing things about our generations now. We live in an era of non-commitment. So, be careful out there!




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