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Yesterday morning I was in my 9am class when my professor mentioned the unfourtanate deaths of two students who attended the college of business administration. He really did not go much into detail so I honestly did not think anything of it. Then later when I went to the Latinitas office one of my fellow co-workers had metioned this also. So by now I was begining to think this was being known by a large number of people. I went back to school around 5pm and I felt the atmosphere very different. People were not being themselves, and everywhere I went people were crying and talking about what had happened. By now it was already 5:40 so I entered my class and a girl asked me if I knew the two students and I said I really didn't know who it was. She said there was a picture of them on the first floor of the building so I went ahead and went to see. When I saw the pictures I was in complete shock, they were both in my 6pm class. Tears went streaming down my face when I didn't even talk to the guys. I entered my classroom and the professor had his eyes red like he had been crying for hours. He said to the class, "I don't know what would be best to applause for the deaths of our fellow classmates because they are in a better place now or have a moment of silence". He said, "I'm not capable of giving class today so class will be canceled". I felt so horrible, disgusted and angry by the violence in Ciudad Juarez. I could clearly remember how I saw one of them on Tuesday going up to the professor talking about an internship that he was interested in. It is amazing how from one day to another your life can be gone. I peronally feel like with all the violence that is happening over there is only making hispanics look bad. These two guys were no bumbs, they were going to college to get an education and be something in life and for some people to just take the life of someone just because they feel like it is horrible. I have familiy in Ciudad Juarez and now I am terrified so I can't even go visit them.

How do you guys feel about the violence in Ciudad Juarez?

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Comment by Helen Rodriguez on November 18, 2010 at 1:55pm
The violence in Cd. Juarez is a terrible consequence of poverty and corruption. People in the world need to become aware of of these issues to help put an end to tragedies like these.
Comment by Marcela Aguirre on November 5, 2010 at 5:57pm
oops...I mean't to write "When is it all going to end??"
Comment by Marcela Aguirre on November 5, 2010 at 5:56pm
I feel the same way! I feel mad and sad at the same time. I have family and friends in Juarez and I'm terrified for them. My friend and I want to do something to help bring awareness so that the Mexican government can do something. I have a couple of friends who knew one of the guys and it really saddens me to see them suffer. When is all going to end??




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