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       If you're like me and you have a constant itch to leave to another land or town, you may very well have a case of wanderlust. Wanderlust is defined as " a strong or innate desire to rove or travel about" and, unfortunately for me, being a broke home/dorm-bound college student, I am currently unable to satiate this continuous desire. I often find myself wanderlusting after an Italian countryside, where I live and I have to ride my bike down a dirt road to the nearest market to buy my fruits and vegetables, or a Greek village that sits atop hill; where the houses are bright white and simple and where everyone knows your name. Or sometimes my wanderlusting fantasies will bring me to an island where I have a serene outdoor shower and a clothes line to hang my hand-washed clothes, or even to the woods, where I live in an isolated, rustic, wifi-less cabin, where I read by a kerosene lamp and watch fireflies dance to the natural sounds of the night. Sometimes I feel like these are the fantasies that partly motivate me to do well in my academic/professional life. I love going to school and learning, but I strive to do well so that someday I can support myself and be able to do the things I dream of doing and visit the places I long to visit. For this reason, I'm not looking for a cure for my wanderlust, but I'm hoping that, someday soon, I can act on it.

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Comment by Maria Teresa Rodriguez on June 26, 2012 at 11:39am

I agree! It is good to travel and see what is out there. I hope to do well to so that I may travel around when I'm older.




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