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Waves of Nostalgia: Music That Takes You Back

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "nostalgia" as "sentimental longing for or regretful memory of a period of the past, esp. one in an individual's own lifetime; (also) sentimental imagining or evocation of a period of the past."

As most of us might know, April 16 was Selena Quintanilla Perez's birthday, also known as Selena Day. The reina tejana would have been 42 years old. 

Every time I hear a Selena song, I am taken back to my childhood. I used to belt out her songs with my tia, even though I didn't really know the words. Selena inspired me to be a strong Latina. I could identify with her in ways I couldn't identify with other women in the media (or even in cartoons! I was nothing like the Sailor Scouts). 

On Selena Day, my friends and I went out to celebrate and we danced to her songs all night long. Watching others have a similar connection to Selena's music as I did got me thinking about the power of music and memories. 

For many of us, certain songs or bands are tied to specific memories. Death Cab For Cutie and Iron & Wine will forever remind me of my ex-boyfriend. Selena, Destiny's Child and The Backstreet Boys will forever remind me of my childhood. Selena is extra special because she also ties me deeply to my culture.  

I'm curious to know what songs or artists take you back to certain memories. Do they have anything to do with your culture? If so, how? Have certain songs or musicians helped shape your identity? Share below and we can discuss!

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Comment by Giselle Rosas on May 16, 2013 at 9:02pm

Hello Arleen! Pedro Infante's singing always reminds me of when I used to visit my grandmother's home in Mexico, and she would watch the films while she was busy doing something else, as usual. For some reason, The Beatles and The Doors, are two bands, which always take me back to different times of my childhood. I suppose it was because my father would play them often. I am very passionate of their music. 




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