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This morning as I am helping my grandmother, she was watching Univision, is a Spanish channel, here in the U.S. and it is basically for Latinos, early in the morning they broadcast a show called Despierta America, I'll try to watch it here and there, they show news, from political to incidents that the world is going through, as well as the gossip, not only from the Latinos side, but from everyone in the world, it is a good morning, show that my family enjoys.

This morning they had Jorge Ramos a Mexican-American journalist and author, and from my point of view he has been one of the greatest journalists ever, he has taken risks, he asks questions that other journalists will not dare to ask, and well since I am majoring as a journalist I see him as an idol. He has written several books based on the experiences he has been through, from going to other places where war has been declared, to sitting down with the President Mr. Obama. For my point of view, those are risks that not everyone takes, such as getting into a plane and going where the military is being sent to protect our country.

So now he wrote this book, called Take a Stand he said that in that book he describes some of his major interviews he has done throughout the years, and how hard some of them have been, since a lot of the political issues will not be answered, he also describe how some people would ask him to skip to the next question, just because they would not feel comfortable answering it. That is one of the biggest things I have for him, he will ask questions that I would never think someone could ask, he puts people into very uncomfortable positions, that you are able to see it on their faces.

One thing that I did not see coming while I was watching his interview this morning was on how he wrote a letter to Donald Trump…Just in case you didn’t know what beef happened between them, on one of Trumps media campaigns, Jorge Ramos stood up and asked a few questions based on Latinos and immigrants, and Trump responded for him to go back to Univision, making it sound racist and he made his security take out Jorge Ramos. Later on Ramos was able to return to the campaign, but just to observe. So this morning I heard he wrote a letter to trump to see if he was able to interview him, at the bottom of the letter he wrote down his phone number…

Next thing you know, Donald Trump published that letter on the media, next thing Ramos had to change his phone number…RUDE…but putting aside the beef that they have had between each other, Donald Trump said yes to the interview. I mean, WOW!

I would have never thought Jorge Ramos would even ask him on doing an interview, but I guess that is why Jorge Ramos for me is an idol, he is a Latino, who is willing to say the true on whatever situation that is going on, being able to make people uncomfortable. As students we need someone who we look up to, maybe if you want to be a soccer player you look up to David Beckham, or if you want to be a Singer you want to be like Beyoncé, well I want to be a Journalist, and I want to be like Jorge Ramos.

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