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Why Females Athletes Are Capable of Surpassing the Guys

Today I get to watch my favorite TV show, American Ninja Warrior (ANW). I love this show. The competitors are like real-life super heroes. Every time I watch, I am in awe of what the human body is capable of. 

I am especially in awe of what the female competitors are capable of.

ANW is a unique show in which men and women compete against each other, but from a young age, we (girls) learn that boys are naturally stronger. We start to believe that we can’t possibly compete with them because they are physically different. However, shows like American Ninja Warrior show us that these differences can actually give girls an advantage over boys. Girls are naturally lighter than guys and don’t put on a lot of muscle mass, but girls can also be just as strong in relation to their weight. This means that girls can have a better strength to weight ratio. A good strength to weight ratio helps with physical activities where a person has to carry their body weight. For example, if a 100-pound person and a 200-pound person of the same fitness level are doing pull-ups, the 100-pound person is going to have an easier time because they are carrying less weight. While height also has its advantages on ANW, you can see how a girl would do better on a largely upper-body-demanding course compared to a guy with a lot of muscle mass. Even so, for the first few years of the show, the guys were the only ones who could finish the course.

It was only a few years ago that the first woman made it up the Warped Wall—5-foot tall Kacey Catanzaro. She beat out several guys on her way to Mount Midoriyama, but guys still remained at the top of the ranks. However, two weeks ago, I got to see something that has never happened on the show before—a woman placed second out of all the people competing. On this episode, 30 ninjas-warriors competed for 15 spots to make it to the finals. Of these 30, only 2 were women and the woman that beat almost everyone was Jessie Graff. Before she ran the course, none of the competitors could make it past an obstacle call the Wedge. When Jessie got to the obstacle, she made it look easy. Her grip tired out on the next obstacle, but even so, her accomplishment just raised the bar for female athletes everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before the women on ANW completely surpass the guys.

These athletes inspire me every time I watch this show and I am determined to make it next year…so watch out for me. :)

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